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Q. The plum blossoms are in full bloom. Which plum was the earliest to bloom?

Which plum blooms earliest?[Psychological test]

A: Plum blossom on the upper left
B: Plum blossom on the upper right
C: Plum blossom in the lower left
D: Plum blossom in the lower right

Which one did you choose? Let’s see the result immediately.

What does this psychological test tell you?

Where your talent blooms

In deep psychology, “spring” represents the season when something new is born. The “plum” that announces the arrival of spring implies when the hidden potential will blossom.

Therefore, by selecting “the earliest blooming plum”, you can search for “the place where your talent blooms”.

A: You who chose “Plum blossom on the upper left” … A place where you can relax alone

The bright and energetic type is the one who chose this answer. It’s energetic and like the sun that illuminates the surroundings.

It is a place where you can relax alone when your talent blooms. Because you, who are easily relied on by others, can’t concentrate on yourself where everyone is.

The strongest power spot for you is your home. Especially when learning new things, it seems good to work on the desk in your room. You can think calmly and awaken unexpected talents.

B: You who chose “Plum blossoms on the upper right” … A gorgeous place

The person who chose this answer is a modest and less self-assertive type. You may often spend your time quietly behind someone who always stands out.

It is a gorgeous place where your talent blooms. For example, a prestigious brand shop or party venue.

By putting yourself in a gorgeous space that you don’t usually go to, you may wake up your sleeping pride! In conjunction with that, it seems that hidden charms and talents will be brought out. If you want to change yourself or your life, you can dare to go to a place with a high threshold.

C: You who chose “Plum blossom in the lower left” … Where your rivals are

The person who chose this answer has a refreshing personality. He doesn’t care about small things, and he’s often indifferent no matter what.

The place where your talent blooms is the place where your rivals are. Specifically, it is a spot where many people are competing for their strengths, such as highly competitive offices and specialized schools.

Your cool fighting spirit will be ignited, and as a result, you will greedily acquire new knowledge and skills, and new talents will blossom.

D: You who chose “Plum blossoms in the lower right” … A place you don’t know

The person who chose this answer is a soft and friendly character. There are also places where I am spoiled and lonely, so I may be the type who always wants to be with everyone.

The place where your talent blooms is the place where you don’t know. When no one is on your side, you’ll be nervous in a good way, unlocking unexpected talents and potentials that you didn’t even realize.

It seems that the miracle experience is waiting for emigration to unknown land and worcation.


People sometimes depend on the environment. Therefore, changing places will often bring out the talents and abilities that have been sleeping. Please use this result as a reference for finding such a place.

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