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An American company that develops and manufactures alternative seafoodCurrent Foods (formerly Kuleana)In February, pre-registered to buy alternative tuna and alternative salmon at DtoCStarted reception..

Previously a restaurant (Blue Sushi Sake Grill,Matthew Kenney CuisineEtc.) and supermarkets (etc.)Erewhon Market), Vegan mail order site (GTFO It’s Vegan), But from this time it will be possible to purchase on the company’s EC site.

A step closer to the goal of alternative seafood

Source: Kuleana

Current Foods Co-founder and CEOJacek Prus“For the three years since we started the company, the goal has always been to create the best taste, texture and nutritional value of seafood without polluting the sea. This release is this goal. It will be a big step towards getting closer to. “

“These products will be on the table every day, so I hope you enjoy them with poke, marinades, crude, etc.,” Jacek said.

Current Foods selected as “the best invention of 2021”

Source: Current Foods

An alternative seafood for Current Foods is in Time magazine.THE BEST InventionS OF 2021Was elected as “Catch of Tomorrow”.

Until now, meat substitutes have been the mainstream, and in the last few years, the taste and nutrition of meat substitutes have been studied until they are available to consumers. On the other hand, research on alternative seafood has not progressed so far.

Under such circumstances, Current Foods has developed an alternative tuna for raw consumption, which is made from nutritious alternative seafood using vegetable ingredients such as algae, jiuqu, radish, bamboo, and potatoes.Alternative tuna contains iron, vitamin B12, omega 3 fatty acids, plastics, mercury, and high cholesterol.Not included..

Further improve nutritional value and expand customer target group

Source: Current Foods

Current Foods uses 100% vegetable ingredients to make alternative seafood, but one of the ingredients we’re currently using is pea protein, which allows us to add even higher protein to our products and other omegas. It can increase the value of 3DHA, iron, vitamin B12, and dietary fiber. As a result, it will be possible to appeal to more flexitarians and other vegetarians.

Current Foods alternative tuna is sold in two types, one for poke and one for standard fillets, and can be stored for 7 days when refrigerated and up to 1 year when frozen.

And like the tuna, the new smoked salmon has also been updated, and you can eat the tuna and salmon with ceviche (marinated seafood), carpaccio, sashimi, etc.can..

Japanese alternative seafood company

In Japan last August, DAIZStarted selling vegetable tunadid.

Next MeetsHas also begun to expand into alternative seafood.In October of last year, we launched “NEXT Tuna 1.0,” an alternative food for tuna that uses vegetable protein as the main ingredient, on our EC site, and in December.Started selling at drug storesis doing.

Start of construction of own factoryThe Japanese meat and seafood industry is also booming.

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Current Foods Making Waves Bringing Plant-Based Sushi-Grade Seafood Direct to Consumer

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Source of featured images: Current Foods

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