DX Consulting’s KeepAlive offers a new experience using NFC chips at “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 A / W”

We are co-sponsoring the “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Official Partner” operated by the Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization, and will be held from March 14th to 19th, 2022, “Rakuten Fashion Week”. We will provide NFC chips to the two brands “BED jw FORD” and “yoshiokubo” participating in “TOKYO 2022 A / W” and try to create a new experience.

■ Schedule ・ Contents of NFC chip utilization (planned)
○ Wednesday, March 16 16: 30 ~ BED jw FORD / Shinpei Yamagishi
Achieve a minimalist invitation by utilizing the NFC chip in the show invitation.

○ March 17th (Thursday) 14: 00 ~ yoshiokubo / Yoshio Kubo
Information such as collection press releases will be smoothly provided to visitors at the venue using NFC chips.

■ About KeepAlive Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2006, we support the problem solving of many clients, including some listed companies, through consulting based on technological capabilities. We have started a consulting service that eliminates waste and personality of work, improves reproducibility and repeatability, and applies the idea of ​​DevOps to all work. Based on the DX promotion concept “>> switch” (, we will utilize digital technologies such as DX to transform value in people, companies, and society. I aim to do that.
In addition, our small leather goods brand “Onemiler & Detrans” is based on the “>> switch” framework that promotes our DX, and evolves by multiplying analog products with a technology perspective. Nexing Project ”(Nexing is a coined word that combines“ Next ”and“ thing ”) was born as the first step. The 2021S / S has an NFC chip embedded in each small leather item, incorporating a guarantee card and fan registration function. The NFC chip is used at the store “b8ta Tokyo – Yurakucho” in front of Yurakucho Station. We are developing coupon measures. 2022S / S is considering new measures.

KeepAlive Co., Ltd.
Onemiler & Detrans

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO
“Yoshio Kubo”

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