“JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS 2022” award ceremony will be held online on March 16th! | Press release of Shiitake Creative Co., Ltd.


“Creating a diverse society from tourism”For that purpose, we launched the “Japan Travel Award”. Our main business is to support the promotion of local governments and companies overseas.Understanding of “diversity society” is overwhelmingly lacking in JapanI felt it was.Tourism industry with various people in Japan and abroadA very valuable industry that you can come into direct contact with.. So, if you want to change the consciousness of JapanShould change from tourismI thought it was.

Therefore, based on efforts related to tourism and promotion of diversity and inclusion in local governments, tourism organizations, companies, and individuals nationwide, we have started activities to discover, commend, and disseminate new “impressive places” in Japan. .. Together with expert judges from various fields with a global and local perspective, we will select the right destinations for the winners in 10 categories, including the Grand Prix.


  • About award categories

Accessible division

Municipalities, businesses and individuals with a deep understanding of accessible tourism and providing the most accessible experiences

LGBTQ + Division
Municipalities, companies and individuals with a deep understanding of the LGBTQ + community and the most inclusive response

Sustainable department
Municipalities, companies and individuals with the most sustainable efforts in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Hospitality department
Facilities, stores and individuals offering the best hospitality through accommodation and eating and drinking experiences

Family division
The most family-friendly municipalities, businesses and individuals, including areas and spots that the whole family can enjoy

Luxury division
Municipalities, companies and individuals offering luxury facilities and services beyond imagination

Municipalities, companies, and individuals who provide extraordinary experience content that feels luxurious

・ Community department
・ Surprise department
・ Media department


  • 28 finalists with great tourism efforts across the country

There were 76 applications from 30 prefectures nationwide, and after document screening and on-site screening, we were narrowed down to a total of 28 finalists in 6 categories. For finalists, please refer to the link below:


  • JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS 2022 Judging Committee

<3 special judges>

Kei Shibata
Co-founder and CEO of Venture Republic Group. Based in Singapore and Tokyo, it owns Japan’s largest online travel comparison and media “Travel jp”, “Travel jp for Business”, and online travel guide media “Trip 101” from Singapore. He is also the co-founder and executive chairman of WIT Japan & North Asia, one of Asia’s largest international conferences on travel x technology.

Lyn Hughes

Founding and editor-in-chief of the award-winning British travel magazine “Wanderlust”. He is also known as one of Britain’s most influential travel journalists and has been named to The Times’ 50 Influential Travel Journals.

Teimuraz Lezhava

Ambassador of Georgia to Japan. He often travels in Japan with his family while struggling every day to deepen exchanges between Georgia and Japan. He is a celebrity who is followed by more than 40,000 Japanese people on Twitter. He moved to Japan with his family at the age of four and has been in Japan for over 20 years.

<8 judges>

Alex Bradshaw

Served as an overseas sales manager and Kagoshima prefecture overseas public relations officer at Sengan-en, which is registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and is energetically active in lectures. In 2019, he founded a limited liability company, GOTOKU, and also provides consulting services to local governments and companies nationwide to acquire the wealthy market. He has lived in Kagoshima prefecture since 2005.

Joy Jarman-Walsh

Founder of Inbound Ambassador. Experts in sustainable tourism and community development. He has lived in Hiroshima since 1996 and started the English media “Get Hiroshima” in 2000. He also hosts “Seeking Sustainability LIVE”, which introduces various experts living in Japan.

Josh Grisdale

Wheelchair life due to limb palsy and cerebral palsy. In addition to working as a webmaster at a facility for the elderly, she is widely active in operating the information site “Accessible Japan” for foreign tourists with disabilities and giving lectures to the national government, local governments, and companies. She has lived in Tokyo since 2007 and acquired Japanese nationality in 2016.

Georgie Ichikawa

In addition to launching a number of products as the creative design manager of PUMA JAPAN Co., Ltd., he is the managing representative of Japan’s first gay contest “Mr. Gay Japan” with the goal of improving the environment of LGBTQ + in Japan and promoting understanding of same-sex marriage. Also serves as a creative director.

Samantha Catigan

As an aviation expert at the Australian Government’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, he is involved in Australia’s inbound tourist attraction strategy and is familiar with the latest global travel trends. He also likes Japan so much that he visits almost every year.

Vicki L. Beyer

While working as a professor at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School and an in-house lawyer specializing in labor law, he has also been active as a writer specializing in travel, and has contributed articles to various media including his own blog. He has lived in Japan for over 30 years and has already conquered 47 prefectures nationwide. He is an auditor of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Japan (FCCJ).

Suzanne Kamata

Writer. He has published more than 15 works and won numerous awards, including his memoir “Squeaky Wheels: Travels with My Daughter by Train, Plane, Metro, Tuk-tuk and Wheelchair”, which he traveled with his daughter in a wheelchair. He has lived in Tokushima Prefecture since 1988 and is also an associate professor at Naruto University of Education.

Emilie Achilles
A hospitality expert who studied hospitality management in New York and has over 10 years of experience in luxury hotels and restaurants in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and more. Currently in charge of inbound marketing at Grand Hyatt Tokyo and is familiar with luxury travel.

Victoria Vlisides
He lived in Japan from 2014 to 2019 and is also active as the editor-in-chief of “Gaijin Pot Travel”. Currently, he is engaged in travel marketing for the United States and abroad as a marketing manager at the Wisconsin Tourism Board. He is particularly familiar with the latest trends in tourism marketing in the American market.

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