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Air purifiers have become even more popular in recent years as they can purify the air and reduce pollen, allergens, toxins, bacteria, and other pollutants, including viruses. Dr. Michelle Green, a dermatologist practicing in New York, strongly recommends that you introduce it as soon as possible when you spend a lot of time indoors, such as working from home, as well as in narrow places such as basements and rooms with poor air flow. Say I recommend it.

According to Dr. Green, air purifiers remove particles that are present in the air for long periods of time, so they are essential for maintaining good skin and health, not to mention the season of hay fever. “Be careful if you live side by side with cigarette smoke, pet dandruff, dust, or anything else that can cause short-term or long-term damage to your skin or respiratory system. Keep your room clean. Keeping it helps alleviate allergic symptoms such as asthma and dandruff. It also reduces the risk of airborne infections, removes harmful particles from cleaning tools, and neutralizes unpleasant odors. Will do it. “

Here are five of the latest air purifiers to watch in 2022. Let’s compare each spec and find the ideal one.

This is the only one for winter and summer. It’s definitely better than buying each one.

Dyson purifiers feature a two-layer, fully sealed filtration system. The first is a HEPA filter that removes particles such as dust, pollen, mold, and viruses in the air, and removes 99.95% of fine particles of PM 0.1 level. The second is a layer of activated carbon that removes gas and odors from the air. Dyson’s “Pure Hot + Cool ™” is a super elite that not only cleans but also has air conditioning and heating functions. Take this opportunity to stop having three fans, a heater, and an air purifier, and try to consolidate them into one.

Ideal for living alone! A small and reasonably priced American blockbuster model that is super capable.

COWAY air purifier “Air Mega”

COWAY’s “Air Mega” is powerful regardless of appearance, catching 99.999% of not only large particles such as pet hair and dust but also ultrafine particles such as viruses, bacteria and pollen with a 4-stage filtration system. It’s a reliable gem. Equipped with a carbon filter, it removes household odors, from cigarette odors to food and pet odors. Smart driving saves electricity bills, making it ideal for living alone or in a private room.

Super good sleep in good night mode inspired by cat’s paws.

A mode specialized for pollen is installed, and a revoit that repels pollen by periodically switching between a weak air volume that catches pollen floating in the air and a strong air volume that quickly removes pollen adhering to clothing etc. (LEVOIT) air purifier. What I would like to pay more attention to is the sleep mode that reduces the noise level. Utilizing patented silent technology inspired by cat’s paws, driving noise does not interfere with sleep. If you use the sleep mode, the electricity bill per hour is only less than 0.09 yen, so it is a high point that you can use it continuously for 24 hours without worrying about the electricity bill.

An air purifier that becomes an interior.

Molekule Air Mini Plus

MOLEKULE is recommended for those who want to be particular about their design. It is a light air purifier equipped with a PECO filter that decomposes molecules with light. The power cord is designed to be wound around the bottom, so it can be used without disturbing the interior. At the same time as decomposing the molecules of the substance, the amount of particles such as pollen and dust is measured, and the results are displayed in four colors, so it is a nice feature that the state of the air can be seen at a glance.

A cylindrical type from Scandinavia that can be used anywhere.

BLUEAIR was born in Sweden and can change the color of the pre-filter (gray part in the photo) to pink or green, which is calm and easy to fit in the interior. This model is the first in the Blue series to be equipped with the brand’s core technology “HEPA Silent® Technology”. It strongly adsorbs to the multi-layered filter by the force of static electricity, and removes 99.87% of harmful substances such as PM2.5, cigarette smoke, mold, mites and bacteria from pollen. It is a cylindrical type and sucks air from all directions at 360 °, so it can be used anywhere. There are 3 types, 15 tatami mats, 35 tatami mats, and 44 tatami mats, which can be selected according to the size of the room.

Text: Kiana Murden

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