Government of Japan exhibited at “Travel & Adventure Show 2022” (3 / 12-13) for the purpose of introducing the legacy of the TOKYO 2020 Games

For the first time in history, the Tokyo 2020 Games, which became the same city for the second time with Oripara, produced various achievements (legacy) that can be proud of to the next generation suitable for a mature society. In this project, “realization of a symbiotic society”, “reconstruction / regional revitalization through host towns”, “dissemination and understanding of tourism-oriented nation / Japanese culture”, “security / transportation measures”, “health / sports”, “sustainability” We will disseminate information centered on the seven themes of “possibility” and “model for holding large-scale events.” In addition to introducing the realization of a symbiotic society while taking up achievements such as parasports experience meetings, educational and training examples with the theme of barrier-free mind, and universal design town planning, holding competitions in the disaster area and damage at the athlete’s village cafeteria Introducing various efforts to convey to the world how the disaster-stricken areas are recovering from the Great East Japan Earthquake, such as providing locally produced ingredients. In addition, the Japanese local government and the participating countries / regions will interact in various fields such as sports, culture, and economy, and the host town project that will lead to regional revitalization and the appeal of a wide range of Japanese culture will be disseminated at the convention. I will explain the activities that I have done.

At the “Travel & Adventure Show 2022” exhibition, the Japan brand will be disseminated through panel exhibitions on the results (legacy) of the Tokyo 2020 Games and video introductions, as well as Tokyo 2020 Games gold medalist Jessica Long and Yuto Horigome. We are planning to hold a talk show.


Yuto HorigomeYuto Horigome

Jessica LongJessica Long

[Overview]・ Exhibition event name: Travel & Adventure Show 2022
・ Event organizer: Unicomm LLC.
・ Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center (Booth: 1417)
・ Event date and time: Saturday, March 12, 4th year of Reiwa 10: 00-17: 00
Sunday, March 13, 4th year of Reiwa 10: 00-17: 00

・ Contents ①Exhibition … Video exhibition (Noriko Horiuchi, message from the Minister in charge of the Tokyo Oripara Tournament, legacy video)
Wall graphic panel exhibition
② Talk show … Saturday, March 12, 4th year of Reiwa 13: 30-14: 00 Destination Theater
Jessica Long, Paralympic Swimming American National Team
Yuto Horigome Skateboard Street Japan National Team
* All times listed are local times in Los Angeles.

We will take measures against the new coronavirus infection before exhibiting at the event, but depending on the spread of infection, we may change or cancel the exhibition at the event. We would like to ask all the members of the press for their coverage.

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