Torch Co., Ltd., which operates “Travel At Home”, has started an EC site (online shopping service) where you can purchase products that you have visited and experienced on an online tour! | Press release of Torch Co., Ltd.

It is an image of the EC site of Travel At Home.It is an image of the EC site of Travel At Home.

  • [Characteristics of Travel At Home Online Shop]

At the “Travel At Home Online Shop”, you can purchase products that you have visited and experienced during the online tour held by the online travel service “Travel At Home”. However, one of the features is that they sell the products introduced in the online tour, not the products that can be purchased.

In the online tour, you can learn more about the product by seeing the actual production site and the inside of the factory that you can not usually see, and listening to the feelings of the creator, the commitment of the product, the story until the product is made, etc. I can. And if there is a product you like, you can buy it as it is.

As the first step, we will sell dry mangoes of the African Kitchien brand made in Uganda, Africa, and tablecloths made of chitenji (traditional folk cloth made in Uganda). have started.

In the future, we will sell wonderful products buried in Japan and all over the world, which are not yet known, at the “Travel At Home Online Shop”.


It is a dry mango made in Uganda.It is a dry mango made in Uganda.

  • [About the online travel service “Travel At Home”]

“Travel At Home” is a service that connects people who cannot go on a trip (viewers) and people who are in tourist spots (photographers) with a video phone (ZOOM, etc.) and feels like traveling at home. It is an online trip where you can monopolize your guide on a one-on-one basis and enjoy real-time video. Viewers can give instructions such as “go to the right” and “closer” as they want to see, and the photographer can move and shoot as they wish.

● Image video


● Features of “Travel At Home”

-Since you connect with the photographer via a real-time video phone, you can enjoy the “now” state that was not taken in the past.
-The photographer and the viewer are one-to-one and move according to the viewer’s instructions, so you can watch freely at your favorite angle and distance.
・ Because it is a private tour, you can enjoy communication by asking the photographer without hesitation.
・ Various people such as guides, students, and housewives are registered as photographers, and you can enjoy the unique experiences of local people together.

Company name: Torch Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-14-13-511 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shunsuke Kimura
Established: June 2020
Business: Operation of online tour platform

● Contact information from customers
Torch Co., Ltd.


It is a chitenji (ethnic cloth) made in Uganda.It is a chitenji (ethnic cloth) made in Uganda.

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