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This time has come again this year. It has been 11 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck. In 2011, I was assigned to the Tohoku General Bureau. Her wife, who also lived in Sendai, says that every time she reaches “3/11,” she “remembers her life in a shelter vividly.”

1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year after the outbreak. While I have been covering most of the coastal cities, towns and villages of Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima, the expression that people in the affected areas dislike most was the two letters “turning point”. There is no such thing as a break.

He will be the same. Yuzuru Hanyu, a figure skater living in Sendai. In the 10th year of the outbreak last year, we received a comment of “1182 characters”.

“Please do your best”

“I will do my best too”

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I have always been enthusiastic about reconstruction assistance and donations, but even in the 11th year, I have been touching the disaster, answering questions, and showing an attitude of being close to each other so that the disaster area will not be forgotten. I have summarized the words that he has spoken in the one year from the 10th year of occurrence, which tells that he also has no “turning point”.

◆ March 26, 2009 World Championship, after free

“Ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, I thought it was a big deal for me. I myself had a hard time when I was affected.”

“However, there are many people who have had a harder time than I do, who are still really having a hard time, and who are still suffering and moving forward.”

“Of course it’s important to me, and I’ll keep it in my heart. If I can do something, I want to do what I can with a sense of mission.”

◆ April 14 World Team Trophy, before the opening

“(The earthquake and the Korona-ka are superimposed on’the difficult situation is the same’) What I can do now is to stand here, leave acting here, and have some hope for someone or a moment when my heart moves. I’m here because I think I should act something that remains in someone because it can be really 1 second, even if it’s less than 1 second. “

◆ April 18 World Team Trophy, Dawn

“The year I first reached 3rd place in the world championship (Nice Tournament in 2012) was exactly 9 years ago. I thought about the same thing as I thought at that time (earthquake) 10 years. I did. “

“I think it’s best if (suffering) is zero, but I still have to move forward and face it. In a sense, my 4A (4 and a half revolutions) It’s not a jump), but I feel that it is necessary to devise the maximum countermeasures while taking on challenges. “

“In such a situation, 10 years after the earthquake, when thinking about comments, how much pain is there, what kind of pain is there, and how many people really want to remember it? Some people do not want to remember it. There will be, thinking about that. “

“I thought it would be the same as the current situation in Corona.”

“Finally, the season of the earthquake and the season when the earthquake was over … I was much younger at that time. I don’t like the representatives of the affected areas! So, of course, I didn’t want to be called a representative of the disaster area! I strongly wanted to win various things, but in the end, I got a lot of gratitude. I’m not in a position to support, but I’m being supported. I really felt that kind of thing again this time. As a result, I wonder if I can slip. I slip. If I can find some meaning in Japan, I wonder if it is a good proof that I exist. “

At the All Japan Championships at the end of last year, questions about the third consecutive Olympic title and four and a half revolutions were concentrated, but among them, there was a scene where he said that he could feel warm about his hometown of Sendai.

I will never forget my thoughts at the Beijing Olympics, which was celebrated at the beginning of the year.

◆ February 14, 2010 Joint press conference between domestic and foreign media

“I’ve heard from various people (towards the disaster area). Of course, congratulations, but I’ve heard that it was good, but I’m happy in a sense. “

“How wonderful it is for everyone to become one for some reason. I feel like I learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Of course, there were painful sacrifices. But my acting was I think I’m a happy person if everyone’s hearts become one. “

“I would be very happy if there was no sacrifice such as the Great East Japan Earthquake or any disaster, and everyone was in the direction of healthy happiness. I am truly honored to have received such support, and at the same time, everyone. I would be happy if you could be happy by supporting yourself. “

◆ February 20th Closing Ceremony

As a matter of course, the comments made through the Japanese team also included words that wished for reconstruction.

“I hope I can support you from afar so that those who have suffered various damages, including the Great East Japan Earthquake, and those who are suffering every day will have some time to relax. We are here. “

After finishing the coverage of the Beijing Olympics, I returned to Japan and suddenly remembered 11 years before the earthquake. This is the dawn of the country-specific competition last April. In the final round of the 20-21 season, I became the last questioner.When asked about the next season at that time, that is, this Olympic season

“You can only know next season next season. Fufufu. At that time, I will think about it.”

“At that time, at that time, talk again.”

When I inadvertently made an “application” instead of asking a question, it was returned as follows.

“That’s right. When I’m asked for my own comments, I’ll do my best to come up with various words from my head.”

“But I’m not a language professional, I’d rather express it in skating. If possible, if I can get a way to express it in skating.”

That was the Beijing Olympics, which was prepared for adversity but won, and it was probably a solitary try to 4A, which won the world’s first certification.

Even if I sent out so much about the earthquake, I was sorry to borrow it at the end, saying that the message was that “I took on the challenge and put my pride in it” at the end.

◆ March 10, 2010 Miyagi Television (Sendai City) longevity information program “OH! Bandes”

“I am thinking about the meaning and preciousness of life in the world 11 years later. I am wondering what has been done in the last 11 years.”

“Actually, I’ve been trying hard to bring back the gold medal. I’ve been trying hard to show it to everyone.”

“I didn’t stop trying and kept moving forward, but I couldn’t get to the point of success.”

“I feel frustrated and painful, but I’m really happy if I’m used to something meaningful to you.”

“Keeping moving forward can be difficult and sometimes unrewarding. I feel that the same thing can happen with the disaster.”

“It’s painful, fun, and sad. Thank you so much for your support even in those days.”

“Please continue to support me, too.”

The future of the challenge will be noticed, but there seems to be no “turning point” in him for the reconstruction.[Atsushi Kinoshita](Nikkan / Sports column “We Love Sports”)

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