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Another life in nature for 55,000 yen per month “SANU 2nd Home”

A cabin at the foot of Mt. Fuji

Photo by SANU 2nd Home

The second home subscription service “SANU 2nd Home” opened a new base “Yamanakako 1st” on March 4th.

“SANU 2nd Home” is a service that has another house in nature for 55,000 yen per month. It offers a new lifestyle where you can freely choose and stay in a cabin in a natural location that is easily accessible from the city center. Currently, the membership quota is sold out and waiting registration is accepted.

This service was created by facing these two issues: the rapid urbanization has reduced the opportunities for people to come into contact with each other, and the effects of the climate crisis have increased due to continued CO2 emissions. .. It is characterized by trying two approaches, “increasing the number of people who come into contact with nature and getting them to like it” and “developing with the minimum load on nature”.

In development, we will minimize the use of fossil fuel-derived materials and utilize domestic timber to enrich Japanese forests. In order to maintain the flow of wind and water in the land and minimize damage to the soil, we have independently developed a cabin that minimizes the environmental load, such as adopting a foundation pile construction method that makes the building a stilt house. ..

“Yamanakako 1st” where you can live your daily life in nature

“Yamanakako 1st” following “Shirakaba Lake 1st” and “Yatsugatake 1st” opened in November 2021 is located in Yamanakako Village designated as “Fuji Hakone Izu National Park” and looks up at the magnificent Mt. Fuji up close. Can be done.

In accordance with the provisions of the Nature Conservation Act, the outer wall is indigo to maintain the rich natural landscape around it. Using 100% vegetable oil paint, which is a natural material, we are thoroughly considering the natural environment and animals.

Only 90 minutes from the city center. One of the attractions is that you can enjoy nature on the lake or on land, such as SUP, smelt fishing, cycling and hiking in the forests and lakes that are colored seasonally. In addition, a kitchen and desk workspace are also available, which can be used as a base for work.

This time, we practiced hearing the opinions and feedback received from existing members, and partially updated the cabin equipment and design. The policy is to continue updating based on the voices of users, such as upgrading smartphones and PCs.

From this spring to early summer, we plan to open 31 new buildings at 4 bases, aiming to promote a lifestyle that goes back and forth between the city and nature.

SANU 2nd Home –Introduction video of Yamanakako 1st

SANU 2nd Home – Lake Yamanaka 1st



508-180 Hirano, Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture

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