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Q. Which do you imagine when you hear “horsetail”? Please choose the closest one of the following.


A: Horsetail on the upper left
B: Horsetail on the upper right
C: Horsetail at the bottom left
D: Horsetail at the bottom right

Which one did you choose? Let’s take a look at the results.

What does this psychological test tell you?

A chance to seize this spring

In deep psychology, “horsetail” is a plant that makes you feel the arrival of spring, which implies your sensitivity to chances. And what kind of horsetail you envision in your image is closely related to what you unconsciously want. Therefore, what you imagine when you hear Tsukushi will give you a chance to seize this spring.

A: You who chose “Horsetail on the upper left” … Blessed with a chance to grab a lot of money

This spring, you may have a chance to grab a fortune. However, it seems that the opportunity is not always easy to seize. Observe your surroundings and don’t miss it.

It’s easier to succeed if you listen carefully to people’s opinions. However, be careful not to miss the opportunity in front of you and be too desperate to let other things go unnoticed.

B: You who chose “horsetail on the upper right” … blessed with love

This spring is a season that you will love from the people around you. If you act for the sake of the other person, you will be more thankful. The point is to keep an eye on various people. If you think it’s good, take action obediently.

It can be said that luck is just like “compassion is not good for people”. Your compassion will reach your surroundings and your reputation will increase. There may be a nice invitation in private !?

C: You who chose “Horsetail at the bottom left” … Your efforts will be rewarded

Your efforts will be rewarded this spring. In particular, the activities that we have been working hard on are likely to attract attention. If you haven’t worked hard before, it’s a good idea to start working now. Self-confidence and dignified attitude backed by hard work will bring good luck.

On the other hand, interpersonal relationships may be a little neglected. but it’s okay. Focus on yourself this spring. The people around you should naturally follow you.

D: You who chose “Horsetail at the bottom right” … Blessed with a chance at work

This spring you will have a chance at work. You will be able to work positively, and even if you usually find it troublesome, you can enjoy it.

In addition, there is a possibility that you will be selected as a rewarding team. Or your idea may be adopted and a new project may start. It seems good to get work ideas and knowledge from print media such as newspapers and magazines.

in conclusion

If you have a chance in front of you, let’s grab it first. Even if it doesn’t work, it will be an experience and will have a positive effect on your future life.

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