Naomi Osaka defeated, tears in tears during the match We thank the audience for a crying interview after the match –Tennis: Nikkan Sports

Osaka (AP) interviewed with tears in the second round of the BNP Paribas Open

Osaka (AP) interviewed with tears in the second round of the BNP Paribas Open

  • Osaka (AP) pulling up the court while shedding tears in the second round of the BNP Paribas Open

◇ 12th (13th Japan time) ◇ Women’s Singles Round 2 etc.

It was an unusual complaint of tears. Naomi Osaka (24 = Free), a former world queen who has won four major tournaments four times in the world, asked her to interview her on the court even after her defeat, and she cried after the winner’s interview. While saying thank you to the audience.

He had just finished the first game in a match against Russian-born Kudermetova in 24th place. About twice, one female spectator was struck by a humiliating heckler, saying, “Naomi, the worst!” Osaka rushed to the referee, “Why don’t you pay attention? I want you to lend me a microphone.”

However, the referee seems to have declined Osaka’s request, saying, “I can’t identify the person, what do you want to say? There is no precedent, and I can’t lend you.” Maybe he was upset by the referee’s words in addition to the heckler, Osaka shed tears in the middle of the second game.

I think he wasn’t very playable. The first set didn’t take a single game. Even after the first set was over, Osaka was seen to have many discussions with the referee and the tournament supervisor (manager). However, the second set was also pushed out and lost on straights 0-6 and 4-6.

In fact, the tournament is also famous for the fact that in the past, spectators made racist remarks and Sister Williams refused to participate for 13 years. In the semi-final of the 2001 tournament, a sister showdown was realized, but she abstained before her sister Venus fought. At that time, there were rumors that her father Richards had abstained from her sister, and her sister Serena, who entered the finals, was struck by a booing storm and a heartless discriminatory sword from the entire venue.

Osaka longed for Serena and started playing tennis. He cried on the court, saying, “I’ve seen the turmoil many times (in the video), and why. You should watch the video.” And he said, “I’ve been heckled before. I didn’t care at that time, but this time, the words were repeated many times in my head,” he regrets. talked.

Even so, when I thanked him for supporting me till the end, the audience cheered me a lot. The interviewer also encouraged, “If you have 10,000 customers, 9999 are on your side.” At the end, he left the court, supported by a bigger applause than the winner.

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