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Tailored jacket setup is useful for casual parties and dates. Especially, “tea” is perfect for casual people. So what is the reason?

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I can produce elegance
It’s good not to be too disgusting!

Casual lovers should also visit opportunities that require adulthood, such as small parties and dates at high-end restaurants. At such times, setting up a tailored jacket that looks pretty useful. A great help item that makes you look like an adult when you wear it. So, “tea” is especially recommended for casual people who usually use denim. This is because it has an elegant yet soft impression and goes well with casual items. This time, I chose a light-to-polyester-blended setup of for the main setup. It doesn’t wrinkle easily and is comfortable to wear, so not only the appearance but also the body feels cramped. So, the Henry neck T-shirt was matched here. Of course, a normal white T is fine, but this gives a more casual impression. A cardigan was sandwiched between them. It’s the same color as the setup, but it’s a nice accent with a casual line. In this season, it is climatically just right to put a cardigan in between like this. After all, leather sneakers are the key to your feet. Although it is a conventional technique, it gives a refreshing and elegant impression just by using white leather. You see, it’s not too stiffer than navy or black, yet it’s mature, right? This is the charm of the tea setup!

Jacket 52,800 yen, setup pants 26,400 yen (HIP by Soled / Tatras International), cardigan 14,300 yen (BEAMS PLUS / BEAMS PLUS Harajuku), Henry neck T-shirt 28,600 yen (Ron Herman), sunglasses 52,800 yen (E5 Ivan / Ivan PR), Necklace 471,900 yen (Sympathy of Soul / SOS fp Ebisu Main Store), Sneakers 72,600 yen (Common Project / Ships Ginza Store)

Photo = Tomio Masashige Styling = Takumi Tagawa
photo: Tomoo Syoju (BOIL) styling: Takumi Tagawa (remix)
* All prices include tax, with exceptions.

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