Cross-sectional educational materials starting from sports “STEAM Sports Program” Released in the “Future Classroom” STEAM Library of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry! –Press release of STEAM Sports Laboratory Co., Ltd.

STEAM Sports Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo / CEO Norifumi Yamaba) is the 2021 “Future Classroom” STEAM Library (https://www.steam-library.go) promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in September last year. It was adopted as a content developer of .jp /) and was released as new content at the timing of the renewal of the library. Create video teaching materials, learning guidance plans, and worksheets for use in school settings (classes or club activities). All 5 themes, 1 theme for elementary school students (“STEAM foot race”) and 4 themes for junior and senior high school students (“team building club activities”, “data analysis badminton”, “sports psychology”, “sports ethics”) are released. It has been. You can freely use these teaching materials, but in the future, we plan to hold online and offline events using these teaching materials for teachers, children, and students at any time.

-Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Future Classroom” STEAM Library Business Overview-

STEAM, which is a universal educational keyword in recent years, provides creativity education for science and mathematics education targeting five areas: science / Science, technology / Technology, engineering / Engineering, humanities / arts / design / Art, and mathematics / Mathematics. It is an added educational philosophy. It is a cross-disciplinary learning that creates a cycle of “knowing” and “creating”, and is attracting attention as a method of practically cultivating problem-solving ability, critical thinking, and creativity that will be required in the future AI era.

In the midst of this global trend, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry summarized the “Future Classroom” vision * in June 2019, and set “STEAM of learning” as one of the important pillars of future educational reform. This time, with the aim of expanding and popularizing “STEAM of learning,” we have developed and built a “STEAM library” for elementary school to high school students that is intended for use in school settings. After that, we updated the design, added new contents, and expanded it while receiving feedback from teachers and students all over the country, and reopened in March 2022.

* “Future Classroom” Vision: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Future Classroom” and EdTech Study Group Second Recommendation (announced on June 25, 2019)

~ Outline of “STEAM Sports Program” ~

We have developed STEAM teaching materials starting from sports that are familiar to children and students, such as school physical education, club activities, professional sports as entertainment, and the Olympic Games. While crossing multiple subjects such as physical education, mathematics, science, information, home economics, and morals, we will explore individual performance (athletic ability, competitiveness), team strategy, and team building. We will unravel sports from the perspective of top sports experience and sports science.

Including this release, 9 themes and “EdTech Library” are currently included in the “STEAM Library” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Future Classroom” project ( A total of 10 themes are posted.

❶ STEAM Tag Rugby (Tag Rugby x Programming):

❷ STEAM foot race (motion analysis x online physical education foot race):

❸ Team building:

❹ Team Building Club Activities:

❺ Data analysis:

❻ Operation analysis:

❼ Body building:

❽ Sports Psychology (Exploring Peak Performance from Mental):

❾ Sports ethics (exploring social issues through sports):

➓ Online physical education:

~ Future development of STEAM Sports business ~

Posted in the “Future Classroom” “STEAM Library” and “EdTech Library (” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry We aim to popularize the “STEAM Sports Program” in school physical education, club activities, and community sports. In the future, children will have the opportunity to learn and explore online, based on cooperation with tools that collect information (data, video, records) in the sports field, in addition to the “Pre-Post” released this time. And will provide it to students. If you are interested in STEAM Sports, “STEAM Sports Official LINE” ( or “STEAM Sports Support Member (Free)” ( Please register with fms / 6824bf9a219697). We will send you information about STEAM Sports from time to time.

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