Announcement of Winners of “JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS 2022” | Press Release of Shiitake Creative Co., Ltd.

We announced the 2022 winners of the JAPAN TRAVEL AWARDS (Japan Travel Awards) with the theme of[Tourism x Diversity]on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

This time, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the ceremony where the award winners, finalists and judges gathered together was not realized, but we have made wonderful efforts to take charge of the Japanese tourism industry in post-corona. We announced the winners at the online award ceremony.


  • GRAND PRIX | Grand Prix

Fukushima Barrier Free Tour Center(General Incorporated Association Fukushima City Tourism Convention Association / Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture)

Aiming for a diverse and inclusive society from tourism means that everyone can enjoy their trip in their own way. It was very difficult to decide the Grand Prix, but it was unanimously decided that it had all of the following points required by the Japan Travel Awards.


  • Passion for changing society
  • Courage that is not bound by preconceived ideas
  • Prepared to face challenges to realize change
  • Willingness to constantly improve

“I felt the will to make the world a better place in an inclusive society.”
“All tourism organizations should learn from them and start similar facilities and services.”
“The information on the website is also accessible and wonderful.”
“Given the importance of senior tourism in Japan, such efforts should be more conscious.”

  • Category Winners | Category Awards

[Accessible section]

Fukushima Barrier Free Tour Center

Fukushima City Tourism Convention Association / Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture

The challenge is that there is almost no information on accessible tourism. In addition to focusing on disseminating information, the award winners have wonderful efforts such as services to alleviate the anxiety of people in need, contribution to revitalization of the entire region, and recruitment of people with disabilities.

[LGBTQ + Division]

W Osaka

US Marriott International / Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

All the guests are evaluated for their efforts to enjoy themselves with peace of mind, such as discussing what LGBTQ + people really want with each other and planning a project called “Queer Me Out” to improve the service as a whole. Was done.

[Sustainable category]* 2 companies won the award

Photo Transit General Office Inc. SATOSHI MATSUOPhoto Transit General Office Inc. SATOSHI MATSUO


BIG EYE COMPANY Co., Ltd. / Kamikatsu Town, Tokushima Prefecture

In addition to creatively reusing waste materials, we also work closely with local communities to create new products and utilize waste materials for agriculture in a sustainable manner. It was also good to give the guests a valuable travel experience of reconsidering their daily lives.

Nishi Awa-Mt. Tsurugi / Yoshino River sightseeing area

General Incorporated Association Sora no Sato / Tokushima Prefecture

In close cooperation with various businesses in the region, we were able to successfully summarize the sustainable activities that each of them is conducting and sublimate them into “sightseeing activities that take advantage of the characteristics of the region” and disseminate the entire region as an attractive destination. There is.

[Hospitality section]

Fufu Kawaguchiko

Kato Pleasure Group Co., Ltd./Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture

A “new world standard” that goes beyond Japan’s traditional “hospitality” services, such as just the right service that is not overkill, the attitude of accepting visitors from various backgrounds, and beautiful facilities and rooms with excellent accessibility. Can be.

[Family category]

Happy Raft

Happy Raft Co., Ltd./Otoyo Town, Kochi Prefecture

In the mountains of Kochi prefecture, which is not a tourist destination and is rich in nature, we offer multilingual tours from 3 years old to world-class rafting experiences, as well as accommodations and grills that are good for families of all shapes. Services such as fresh bagels were highly evaluated.

[Luxury Division]

Hoshinoya Okinawa

Hoshino Resorts / Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture

The definition of “luxury” is different for each person, and the “perception of luxury” is constantly changing, but it meets all the requirements of modern luxury travelers. All the facilities and experiences are the “Wow! Experience” that every traveler wants.

[Luxury category]

Iwami Kagura business trip performance
Tsuwano Town Tourism Association / Iwami Kagura Preservation Society Nichihara Shrine

Mack Moriya Travel Service / Tsuwano Town, Shimane Prefecture

The effort to protect traditional performing arts while having fun as a community and to let travelers experience the fun and joy is a luxurious “experience” that cannot be obtained from the screen of a computer or smartphone.

[Community section]

Niyodo Penguins
Takarabune Godo Kaisha / Ino Town, Kochi Prefecture

A community formed by the natural gathering of locals and migrants, not by administrative districts. Guests are welcomed as if they were members of a group, and can enjoy the real pleasure of traveling. The ideal form of tourism in the future, which will increase the tourism exchange population.

[Discovery category]* 2 companies won the award

Japanese style Kajiura
Waso Kajiura Co., Ltd./Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture

This concept is truly genius, as Japanese tradition overlaps with genderfluid (sexual fluidity). Everyone can enjoy it, not just the LGBTQ + community. I was surprised that this idea had never existed in Japan, where kimono experiences are everywhere.

Free Ding
FREEMONT Co., Ltd. / Taito-ku, Tokyo

In a word, “completely barrier-free space”. Regardless of language, culture, disability, sexual orientation, religion, etc., in the present age, “time when you play the leading role and stare at yourself”, we provide everyone with a very luxurious time equally.

[Media Division]

Fukushima Barrier Free Tour Center
Fukushima City Tourism Convention Association / Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture

Very inclusive and positive facilities and services that “enable everyone’s journey”.

Niyodo Penguins
Takarabune Godo Kaisha / Ino Town, Kochi Prefecture

I didn’t know about this area. A great initiative, both as a community and as a sustainable initiative.

Limited express Aso Boy!
JR Kyushu / Kumamoto / Oita

Sightseeing trains give a special trip to Japan and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Getting on the train can be a daunting task, especially for families with young children, but Aso Boy! Eliminates parents’ worries and makes everyone happy!


—— “Impressive place” rather than tourist spot

The Japan Travel Award is an activity to discover and disseminate new “impressive places” in Japan based on initiatives related to tourism and promotion of diversity and inclusion in local governments, tourism organizations, companies, and individuals nationwide.

Experts from various fields with a global and local perspective will serve as judges and select suitable destinations for winners in several categories, including the Grand Prix.

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