[“Burning” healthy diet food]The “diet plate” of the healthy home delivery service “FIT FOOD HOME” has been upgraded! | Press release of AIVICK Co., Ltd.

“Diet plate” that realizes a healthy diet by using dal as a staple food, which uses beans and excellent ingredients that have various nutrition as well as high protein and low sugar.
This time, we have greatly increased the volume and taste so that you can get a firm sense of satisfaction even with one plate. In addition, in response to user feedback that it is difficult to eat, the convenience and deliciousness have been greatly improved by making it easier to eat with a well-seasoned sauce.

Create a more “burnable” body with a reborn diet plate.


FIT FOOD HOME is a food brand that delivers meals that meet the various purposes and tastes of customers to their homes.

We are particular about not using additives, and each meal is carefully handmade and is a body-friendly meal, so you can enjoy it with confidence and deliciousness.


  • What is a diet plate?

The diet plate uses beans based on the nutritious Mung beans, and is mainly served with chicken that is satisfying to eat. It is a one-plate that is easy to eat with various flavorful sauces, and you can take in vegetable and animal proteins at the same time, which is satisfying for nutrition and stomach.
Not only can you take more than 35g of protein, but it also has an ideal nutritional balance of calories of 500kcal or less, sugar of about 30g, and fat of 20g or less.

By replacing the staple food with “beans”, you can get plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. By doing so, you can firmly maintain the muscles necessary for metabolism, increase the burning efficiency in the body, and you can get closer to a “body that is hard to gain weight” because fat burns easily.


  • Why are they “beans”?The secret of “Mung beans”, the perfect ingredient for dieting

In India and Nepal, beans are called “dal”.
On the diet plate, the staple food is “Dal,” a dish that uses beans based on Mung beans.
“Mung beans” are beans native to India and are often eaten as one of the staple foods in India and Southeast Asia, and are also called “mung beans” in Japan.
The reason for using Mung beans instead of rice is that they are much more nutritious than white rice.
When comparing the actual nutritional values, protein is 4 times that of white rice, dietary fiber is about 30 times, vitamin B1 is about 9 times, vitamin B2 is about 11 times, calcium is about 20 times, magnesium and iron are about 7 times. Although it contains amazing nutrients, it has a low sugar content of about 40% off that of white rice.

Nutrients tend to be biased during a diet, but Mung Beans are good for a healthy diet because they are well nourished, they can take in vegetable protein well, and they are good for intestinal activity with dietary fiber. It can be said that it is the perfect “perfect ingredient”.
In addition, the protein contained in beans digests slowly, so “feeling hungry” is one of the points that Dahl is suitable for dieting.


  • [Reborn point ①]The sauce is often entwined with dal, making it dramatically easier to eat!

We have received feedback from customers that it is difficult to eat the conventional dal plate, which has a “para-para-posoposo” texture, which is one of the characteristics of beans. In addition, because the staple food is beans that Japanese people are not familiar with, some people said that they get tired of it while eating and that they are not good at the unique flavor of beans.

In order to have a reasonable diet, it is important to be able to continue without stress in terms of diet.
Therefore, by sprinkling the sauce on the dal that is difficult to eat, the dal and the sauce are put together and it is much easier to eat. In addition, the dal itself has a strong, timeless flavor of curry, tomato, and Japanese, making it easy to eat even for those who are not good at the unique flavor of beans.


  • [Reborn point (2)]All 10 types of exquisite sauces that are best suited for compatibility with Dahl

In addition, devise a sauce that is applied from above!
FIT FOOD HOME has carefully created the tastes carefully selected from all over the world, considering the compatibility with Dahl first.
Spices and umami are added to the standard curry, cream, and tomato sauce to add depth to the taste. In addition, it is a combination that has been completed in pursuit of deliciousness that you will not get tired of even if you eat it every day, such as arranging the very popular Korean food as a sauce.

  • [Point ③ reborn]Mainly chicken with a satisfying taste, and a solid sense of satisfaction!

There was also the aspect that the volume and satisfaction were a little lacking for those who wanted to eat well with only the conventional dal plate.
So this time, I added chicken that is firm and satisfying. It goes well with the flavorful sauce, and the satisfaction is greatly improved in terms of both volume and taste!

It is a one-plate that is fully satisfactory even if it is replaced as one meal because it is a nutritional design that can take both animal and vegetable proteins while keeping low sugar and low calories.


  • Introducing recommended menus!

An exquisite collaboration of Korean and Japanese food!“Korean Tegtan Sauce of Chicken Thigh and Japanese Dal”

Tegtan is a Korean spicy hot pot dish that originally uses cod, and the combination with the light Japanese-flavored dal is surprisingly excellent. The taste of plenty of vegetables and mushrooms is combined with the slightly spicy taste to make it addictive.

There is no doubt that it has a refreshing authentic tomato sauce and curry flavor! “Chicken thigh tomato sauce and curry-flavored dal”

A perfect combination of flavorful curry and tomato sauce with just the right amount of acidity! The scent of basil escapes through the nose, and the white wine added to the hidden taste creates a full-fledged taste. Please enjoy with plenty of chicken.

The flavor of salted koji and plum is light and gentle!“Chicken thigh with plum salt koji sauce and Japanese-flavored dal”

The refreshing flavor of salted koji and plum that brings out the umami is the best match, and the gentle taste spreads in your mouth in combination with the Japanese-style dal. It is a taste loved by men and women of all ages, who can easily eat hearty chicken.

Please see here for other lineups.


  • [Reborn diet plate]Recommended way to eat

① Start your day well!One meal replacement for breakfast

Weekday mornings that tend to be fluttering. If you have a simple breakfast because you don’t have time, you will end up with a meal that tends to be biased toward dinner.
Therefore, it is recommended to eat a diet plate for breakfast that you can eat immediately just by warming it in the microwave!
You can get a good nutrition with one plate and start an active day.
In addition, “tryptophan” contained in protein is said to have a function of regulating the body clock. A diet plate with plenty of protein is sure to be a strong ally to support a good morning!

② After training!Add protein and power charge your muscles

You can get more than 35g of protein on a diet plate alone, but if you are training, you can add more protein and eat it as muscle training rice to further recharge your nutrition.
As a reward after training, you can also enjoy choosing “what taste should I have today?”
A diet plate that is satisfying both in taste and nutrition is recommended even after training.

A healthy diet with a reborn diet plate.
Please try a diet plate that can provide sufficient nutrition to increase metabolism and create a “burnable” body.

【Product name】
Diet plate
[Product price]From 794 yen (tax included per piece) * Price when 20 pieces are ordered at one time

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Location: 416 Hachijo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8471 Yonezawa Kyoto Hachijo Building 6F
Phone number: 075-634-9125
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Person in charge: AIVICK Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department Morimoto

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