Global Procurement / Purchasing Conference “Amazon Business Reshape” Held for the First Time in Japan Audiences of nearly 5,000 from all over the world participated | Press release of Amazon Japan GK

  • Purchasing managers and experts from companies and public institutions from Japan, the United States, and Europe will be on stage, and nearly 5,000 audiences from all over the world will participate online.
  • Introducing a new function, “Punch-in”, a purchasing cooperation system based on Amazon business
  • All content of the event can be viewed from the special site

Amazon Business Reshape will be held for the second time globally and for the first time in Japan, with purchasing managers and experts from companies and public institutions in Japan, the United States, and Europe taking the stage, and changes in the environment occurring in procurement and purchasing in a wide range of industries. Introduced strategic procurement / purchasing reform / improvement efforts to accelerate growth while adapting to. The online event was attended by 4,989 procurement managers and business leaders from around the world. Furthermore, at this event, Amazon Business introduced for the first time in Japan the provision of a new purchasing system linkage “punch-in”.

In the keynote speech, Woven Planet Holdings, Johnson End Johnson, and Barira Group procurement and purchasing staff took the stage, and purchasing and procurement utilizing Amazon business increased business speed and efficiency, and promoted business growth. In addition to sharing case studies, we introduced the latest Amazon business technologies such as mobile purchasing, eProcurement through system integration, purchasing control and approval capabilities, and customized shipping settings.

The session highlights for Amazon Business Reshape 2022 are:

■ Purchasing strategies for business leaders

[Keynote Lecture]Purchasing Business Reform Strategy and Its Benefits
Strategic sourcing and purchasing is a priority that business leaders should address in driving organizational goals such as cost reduction, digital transformation (DX), and socially responsible purchasing activities. In the keynote speech in Japan, Mr. Tomohiko Homma, Director of Finance & Accounting, Woven Planet Holdings Co., Ltd. talked with Norihito Ishibashi of Amazon Business, and the company promoted business reform including purchase of indirect materials, so that engineers were originally He introduced that he is working to improve the environment so that he can devote more time to the development work, which is the work of. Since the Amazon business is as easy to use as Amazon for individuals, which is widely used globally, it is easy for global companies to introduce, optimized purchasing flow with abundant product lineup and approval settings, and speed of product delivery is the purchasing business. He said that it is producing the cost reduction and burden reduction effect of.

■ Challenges for purchasing transformation: DX so far and in the future in Japan

Efforts to popularize digital invoices and their impact on companies and organizations

Mr. Hiroyuki Kato, Planning Coordinator of the Digital Agency, took the stage and introduced the background and current location of efforts to popularize digital invoices. Mr. Kato also mentioned that it is possible for Amazon business to realize efficiency of billing processing with data to data by linking API with accounting software, but he sees legal compliance as an opportunity and promotes DX. I called for the need to do.

Indirect business issues faced by Japanese companies and organizations and conversion to DX
Mika Koizumi, Product Manager, Product Development Platform, freee Co., Ltd., gave a talk on the changes in Korona-ka and how to promote DX in the future regarding indirect operations in Japan, which are said to have a lot of waste. Mr. Koizumi mentioned that indirect operations are becoming paperless in light of the corona disaster, and that “mandatory electronic storage” will promote the introduction of electronic invoices, and that APIs will make it easier to link services. We shared that SaaS, cloud accounting, cloud ERP, etc. will support the promotion of DX.

Amazon Business New Feature Information
Mr. Daisuke Masumoto, Executive Officer, General Manager of Co-creation Partner Promotion Division, DreamArts Corporation, took the stage, and the benefits brought about by the new function “Punch-in cooperation” of Amazon business and the company’s cloud service “Punch-in cooperation” became the first product in Japan. The cooperation specifications of “SmartDB” were introduced. Mr. Masumoto expressed his expectation that the digitization of the purchasing process could be expanded by enabling a seamless purchasing experience through punch-in cooperation.

The punch-in cooperation introduced at this event is a cooperation function that allows corporate customers to work on purchasing operations more naturally without logging in to the existing purchasing system or expense settlement system before using Amazon business. .. With conventional punch-out linkage (external catalog linkage), employees have to select an Amazon business once in the purchasing system used by corporate customers and then start purchasing, so employees can use the personal site “Amazon. There was a case where the product was purchased on “” and the reimbursement cost was settled, and there was a problem that the manager could not properly grasp the purchase data. With the introduction of the punch-in linkage function, employees can easily use Amazon business, and the person in charge of purchasing can visualize the purchasing situation more accurately and in real time to promote governance-effective purchasing activities. increase.

For more information on punch-in integration, please see here (

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