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Tagboard, which operates one of the largest online galleries in Asia, held a large-scale art fair “tagboat Art Fair 2022” for a limited time from March 11th to 13th. Goethe’s editorial staff actually visited and reported on the vast venue where art works produced by 111 artists were lined up!

A festival of contemporary art that can be purchased as well as viewed

“NFT” is often heard in the business and art world. Now, in the world of art and design, it has become an inseparable existence. NFT, which guarantees the value of images and sounds with non-fungible tokens, will significantly change the art business in the future.

Such NFT art is one of the exhibited works of the art fair, and the tugboat “tagboat Art Fair 2020”, which can be purchased, was held for 3 days only. The venue has doubled in size compared to last year, and the entire two floors (3,060㎡) are used, showing the high degree of attention. In the spacious exhibition space, which is said to be the largest in the world in a single gallery, a number of works by 111 people including popular artists such as Kotao Tomozawa and Minako Ishikawa, who are talked about in many media, are lined up together. , I was fascinated by the sight of the masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the sale at the venue has already ended, but until March 21st, you can purchase the works exhibited this time and NFT art on the EC site of the tag board, so even now, the artists who are interested in it Check out the work.

tagboat Art Fair

Enjoy a variety of art from famous artists to young artists

The exhibition, which can be said to be unique to a tugboat with the most important mission of “increasing the value of the artist,” is devised so that individual works can be touched firmly. By dividing the exhibition space for each artist like a solo exhibition, you can fully immerse yourself in the unique world view created by the artist. About 2,000 works were rich in variation, and it was an art fair that even families and couples could fully enjoy.

typography town

“Typography town” / Kamihasami
paper, tracing paper, varnish, 101H x 71W x 11D cm
¥ 880,000

I was particularly impressed with the work “typography town” by Kamihasami. Alphabet-shaped paper craft made of Kent paper and tracing paper captures the beauty of light and shadow in a simple structure and reminds us of the depth of architectural design.

The Birth of Venus

“The Birth of Venus” / Tamaki Kitamura
acrylic on wood panel, 150H x 240W x 2D cm
¥ 1,027,400

In addition, Tamaki Kitamura’s work is also a novel appreciation style that clearly reveals the whole picture by expressing a classic masterpiece with dots to make it a completely new work and viewing it through a mobile camera. It was an exhibition where even people who are not very familiar with art can enjoy the world of contemporary art so much that they want to buy a work.

tagboat Art Fair

While expecting the next holding of the “tagboat Art Fair”, which will develop as two major art fairs together with Art Fair Tokyo, pay attention to the future development of tagboards that are expanding the possibilities of cutting-edge art such as NFT. I want to.

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