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London Meets Tokyo ¥6,000, 3-5 years old ¥1,700, 6-12 years old ¥2,700, with Conrad Bear (adult only) ¥7,300

A collaboration between Costa Coffee, which was founded in London in 1971 and has gained tremendous support in Europe, the home of coffee, and Conrad Tokyo. Based on the concept of “London’s premium coffee meets Tokyo”, we are offering a sweets buffet “London Meets Tokyo”. Sweets using Costa Coffee original blend beans, seasonal strawberries, sweets using cherry blossoms, which can be said to be the symbol of spring in Japan, and special drinks such as Costa coffee, will create a blissful moment.

Masaki Okazaki, pastry chef at Conrad Tokyo, has made the following comments regarding this collaboration.

“Ingredients with gorgeous aromas such as nuts and vanilla to fully bring out the mellow and rich aroma and deep flavor of Costa Coffee’s original blend beans that have been slowly roasted over time, and to achieve the best marriage. , and I consciously chose ingredients with rich flavors such as praline and chocolate.Also, sweets using sweet and sour strawberries go very well with Costa coffee, which has a slightly sour taste, so please enjoy it together.”

“Coffee and praline mousse” is a gem that you can enjoy three layers of taste: hazelnut sponge, praline cream, and coffee mousse. “Coffee and Vanilla Panna Cotta” is a vanilla panna cotta made with milk soaked overnight with coffee beans, layered with coffee jelly with a rich aroma, and topped with gold leaf to create a luxurious glass dessert. In addition, sweet and sour strawberry sauce and fresh cream, “Strawberry Parfait” with crunchy accents of texture, “Strawberry and Raspberry Mousse” with raspberry jelly hidden in a mousse shaped like a cute strawberry. The compatibility between naichigo sweets and coffee is exquisite.

Savory items such as the “Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sakura Sandwich”, which is a Japanese version of the classic British sandwich, and the “Foie Gras and Coffee Tart”, which is a coffee tart filled with rich foie gras mousse and espresso mousse, decorated with cacao nibs and strawberries. My heart is also excited. Be sure to check out the onion soup with strawberry croutons and the British pie crust wrap “Wellington” at the live station.

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