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“Fika”IsDrink coffee while eating sweetsSwedish custom
It is.There is the word “fika” in Swedish, and “fika” is the English word “kaffi”.
He) is coming from.

This time, it is often compared with the meaning of fika“Hygge”I will explain the difference with Fika in Japan in an easy-to-understand manner.

What is fika?

Fika is a custom of drinking coffee while eating sweets that originated in Sweden, a Scandinavian country. Here is a brief explanation of what Sweden is like.

  • Official name: Kingdom of Sweden
  • Capital: Stockholm
  • Population: Approximately 10.35 million (as of 2020)
  • Area: 450,295km2 (about 1.2 times that of Japan)
  • Official language: Swedish

In Sweden, it is said that most people take fika time in a day, and many people take fika time several times a day, which is a culture deeply rooted in life.

There is no set time for how many times a fika is performed in a day, but it is said that the time is often set around 10 am and 3 pm. In addition, it is said that one fika is usually held for about 15 to 30 minutes, which is considered to be close to the meaning of taking a break like a tea break in Japan.
There is no fixed person or place to play fika, and I enjoy fika time at home, at work, in parks and cafes with my family, friends, lovers, and business associates.

People who are not good at sweets and coffee enjoy fika time by substituting sandwiches and lemonade. “There may be a part where the meaning of break is bigger than “sweets and coffee”.

The difference between fika and hygge

The word “hugge” is compared to “fika”.
Hugge also has the meaning of “breaking with coffee” and is easy to compare with fika.

[3 minutes commentary]What is Hygge?Explain the meaningThe meaning of “Hygge” is “a cozy space”, “a fun time”, and “a feeling of happiness” that can be felt by creating such a space and time. It may not seem like a pinch in Japan, but here are four tips for feeling Hugge. Learn how to enjoy Hygge as well as how to develop a feeling of happiness. …

Why are the names separated between Fika and Hugge?

The reason is that Hugge was originally from Sweden and Fika was from Sweden.

However, the contents are not exactly the same. At Hugge, reading, watching flowers and paintings, taking a walk or cycling to see the warmth of the sun and the scenery, all of which make Hugge.

Fika has taken in more than sweets and coffee, but nevertheless stayed in the food and drink.
There are differences in the criteria for including fun other than food and drink between “fika” and “hugge”.

Fika culture

Here, I will explain what kind of value “fika” is for Swedes.

The purpose of Fika is to rest well and refresh your mood when you rest. The refreshing method is not just about drinking sweets and coffee. Swedes communicate a lot through fika.
As I work, I think I often want to talk to my boss, seniors / juniors, and colleagues. In Sweden, fika is often used as a place for consultation, and in Sweden, people often communicate with each other and form relationships during fika time. Therefore, fika is considered to be a deeply rooted culture for Swedes.

Japanese fika

I have explained about “fika” in Sweden, but if you try to incorporate fika into your life in Japan, you can expect big changes. Even for people who are not good at sweets and coffee, if you try to incorporate fika for the purpose of taking a break and refreshing your mood, it will also function as a place for communication, and your organizational strength and team strength will improve at work. There is a possibility.
In order to build a frank human relationship that is not formal, it is important not only to communicate online and on SNS, but also to communicate in a face-to-face and calm atmosphere like Fika.

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