Co-produced “Tsukuba Fukukuru Kaze no Kaori”, a diffuser with the image of Tsukuba, with ideal fashion Co., Ltd., Tsukuba Venture, and an active Tsukuba University student designer. Started selling. | ideal fashion press release

At Tsukuba Place Lab operated by Civic Power, we have been working on creating a space that matches not only the place but also the scent since it opened. ideal fashion is a fragrance venture whose mission is to “draw out the power of people through scents”. We sympathized with the space design using scents and participated in a joint production project. In developing the product, we focused on Tsukuba City’s specialty “Fukure Mikan” and “turf” with a view to regional revitalization / revitalization, and dropped them into the scent and packaging. The scent was inspired by our perfumer who actually ate Fukurai oranges and touched the grass. There are two different scents, a refreshing and popping sour scent that is different from the general mandarin oranges of Fukurai mandarin, a scent that calms down in the green and powerful appearance of turf, but after trial and error, the mandarin oranges We were able to realize a scent that spreads the blue of the turf from the green scent of the skin and leaves. The scent of fresh Fukurai oranges enhances concentration, and the pleasant green scent of turf provides a relaxing effect.

“We create scents based on multiple special products of Tsukuba. From the perspective of SDGs as well as scents, we have adopted environmentally friendly refills to contribute to waste reduction.”

The scent of Fukurai mikan and turf, created in the image of Tsukuba, realizes both “a fresh scent that considers work efficiency during the day and a relaxing scent that calms the mind at night.”
As a further commitment to the “Tsukuba Fukukuru Kaze no Kaori”, we have prepared a refill as a mechanism that takes the environment into consideration and does not generate garbage so that the bottle can be reused.

With ideal fahion’s strength in high-mix, small-lot (1 kg) production, we can propose / produce the scents that our customers desire, and we will promote the production of products with various scents that express the characteristics of the region. If you are interested in developing scented products such as perfumes, diffusers and shampoos, please contact us from the ideal fashion website.

❏ About “ideal fashion”
Official HP:
idealfashion is a fragrance manufacturing and planning company that delivers fragrances that color every day. Aiming for a world where fragrances (fragrances) are worn on a daily basis as fashion, we manufacture and sell fragrances, reproduce fragrances, and create fully custom-made perfumes with the strength of high-mix low-volume production.

[Overview of ideal fashion Co., Ltd.]
Company name: ideal fashion Co., Ltd.
Established: June 14, 2021
Capital: 11 million yen (including capital reserve)

❏ About “unit X”
Official HP:
“Unit X,” a platform that connects student designers and society, aims to “value the individuality of students” by introducing jobs that make use of skills in society and managing a community of more than 100 people from all over the country. .. We support each member with abundant individuality to shine.

❏ About “Tsukuba Place Lab”
Official HP:
Based on the concept of “Making together, everyone’s place”, from the idea of ​​2016, we started and continued to operate while involving many people such as crowdfunding, DIY, opening event for 4 days. rice field. It has been used by more than 16,000 people in total in the five years since its establishment. In order to provide “a place where different values ​​meet and ideas can be shared. A place to connect people and realize what they want to do”, we plan and manage more than 350 events a year and a total of more than 1,600 events. However, we are nurturing a place full of energy by “creating and nurturing together.”

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