DEA announces partnership with Cambodian football club Angkor Tiger FC | Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd press release

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), which develops the GameFi platform business globally based in Singapore, announced a partnership with the Japanese club “Angkor Tiger FC” belonging to the Cambodian League.

■ Details of the partnership
Angkor Tiger FC plans to purchase NFT of digital assets and game items on the game platform “Play Mining” operated by DEA using the investment funds of club sponsors and participate in DEA’s Play to Earn game as a gaming guild. is.

Gaming guild is an organization that invests in NFT of Play to Earn games and makes profits from games by playing systematically, and the number is rapidly expanding mainly in Southeast Asia, and it is a means of creating new jobs. Is attracting attention as.

■ Background and purpose of the partnership
The spread of the new coronavirus has had a great impact on employment and employment through the stagnation of economic activities in Cambodia. This partnership aims to create new jobs in Cambodia through Play to Earn games.
In addition, supporters who have earned rewards from Play to Earn games are expected to use the funds for club-related consumption, which may lead to the revitalization of the sports club economic zone.

DEA, together with Angkor Tiger FC, will set up “Cheer To Earn” and aim to realize a world where “earning while supporting”. In addition, we will continue to promote collaboration through “Play Mining” with people from various countries, regions, and industries, so please look forward to it.

■ Comment from Akihiro Kato, owner of Angkor Tiger FC
As we aim to be more than a football club, many people have lost their jobs because our hometown of Siem Reap is a tourist city in Corona. When I was wondering if there was anything I could do other than soccer as a club, I met Mr. Yoshida and felt the possibility of improving the living base of supporters and Siem Reap people, so I decided to start the Tiger Guild business.
From now on, I would like to work with DEA ​​to create a new form of club management for the next era.

■ Comments from Naoto Yoshida, CEO of DEA
Our business model called “GameFi” and “Play to Earn” in “PlayMining” does not simply mean the fusion of games and fintech, but as a result, it solves sustainable social issues and people around the world. I think it is one of the means to guide self-realization.
The efforts of DEA and Angkor Tiger FC will strive to create jobs in Cambodia and contribute to improving people’s livelihoods.

[About Angkor Tiger FC]
A soccer club belonging to the Cambodia 1st Division Professional League based in Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is located. Purchased by current owner Akihiro Kato in 2015 and moved to Siem Reap, famous for Angkor Wat in 2017. In the 2018 and 2019 seasons, he won the award as “the club with the most fans in Cambodia”. In the 2020 and 2021 seasons, while fighting a league match with almost no spectators due to the Korona-ka, we are developing supplies support for citizens and donation activities to the state government. Two Japanese players belong to the 2022 season (Naoki Maeda and Takeshi Narita).

For more information on Angkor Tiger FC, please see the official website.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. | https://dea.sg/jp/
DEA, which handles the GameFi platform business, is a company established in Singapore in August 2018. We are developing the Play to Earn game “Job Tribes” and the NFT marketplace “Play Mining NFT”. Utilizing blockchain technology, we aim to realize a world where “enjoyment turns into value”.

Representative: Naoto Yoshida Kozo Yamada
Location: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, # 05-01, Singapore 018936
Established: August 2018
Business description: GameFi platform business

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