Notice of signing new conditioning partner contract with ONE TAP SPORTS[Albirex Niigata Singapore]| Albirex Niigata Singapore Press Release

  • Euphoria Co., Ltd.


Representative Director Hiroshi Hashiguchi
Representative Director Makoto Miyata

2F, Iida Building, 5-5 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085

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Installation and operation support for condition management software ONE TAP SPORTS

A system that can collectively record and manage information necessary for athlete conditioning and training. The accumulated data is easily visualized on the dashboard, which contributes to reflecting minor changes in conditions in daily training.
Through the use of ONE TAP SPORTS, our club will not only bring out the best performance of the players toward the target league victory and cup victory, but also the tasks necessary for each player to play an active role in the next step. I aim to keep track of.

Main functions

[ダッシュボード] A list of the conditions and injuries of the entire team is displayed.

[コンディション機能] Accumulates and visualizes daily physical condition and condition information of athletes.

[トレーニング機能] Record training content and exercise load. Supports the creation of appropriate training plans.

[インジュリー機能] Easily create sports injury reports. Collectively manage the injuries and injuries history of athletes.

[フィジカル機能] Collective management of regular measurement data such as body composition data and physical measurement results.

[食事管理機能] Record and share your daily meals with photos. Supports dietary guidance.

【Company Profile】
Team name: Albirex Niigata FC Singapore
Operating company name: Albirex Singapore Pte Ltd
Location: 21 Jurong East St 31 # 04-04 Jurong East Sports Complex
Representative: CEO Shujiro Namba
Business content:
“Albirex Niigata Singapore” management business to participate in the soccer Singapore Premier League
School management business such as soccer school and cheerleading school for children in Singapore regardless of nationality
“Albilex Niigata Barcelona Football Academy” project to study soccer to develop human resources who can play an active role in the sports industry

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