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Audition TJ ENTERTAINMENT Idol & Dance Vocal Audition Active Major Singer, Former Johnny's Jr. Produced by: TJ ENTERTAINMENT, Category: Idol (Specialized)

TJ ENTERTAINMENT Idol & Dance Vocal Audition
Active major singer, former Johnny’s Jr. producer
Organizer: TJ ENTERTAINMENT, Category: Idol (Specialized)



Recruitment deadline


Recruitment contents

Idol auditions and girls dance vocal auditions will be held at “TJ ENTERTAINMENT”, which was launched while being an active major singer!

Successful applicants will make their national debut as an idol group/girls dance vocal group in 2022!

The producer is Maeda Hirotoshi TJ, the only vocalist of the dance vocal group “5IGNAL” formed by Japan’s top performers after having experience as a former Johnny’s Jr. as a backup dancer for Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, and Kanjani Eight. responsible person.
In addition to being in charge of the ending theme for Nippon Television’s “Miyaneya” and “Himitsu no Kenmin SHOW”, he received praise and attention as “Japan’s Michael Jackson” during his overseas tours, and made a major debut from Tokuma Japan. Active solo dance vocalist.

The project team is staffed by LGYankees, Ebisu Muscats, GENERATIONS, and other staff who have a track record of providing full support for promotions!

First-class staff will promote the production of original songs, recording, music video shooting, music release, media appearances such as TV and radio, introduction to karaoke, etc.

In addition, the enrolled artist belongs to the new masked idol “Anoxic Girls’ Academy (student council executive department)” with over 6.6 million total views of TikTok. In just one year of her activity, she made her nationwide debut on March 5, 2022, and made her debut one-man live a success. In addition, she is currently appearing on various TV and radio media, as well as a large-scale screen broadcast at Shibuya Scrangle Crossing.

We are looking for people who are seriously aiming to debut, who are serious about attending lessons, and who have a strong passion!
It’s important to be good at singing and dancing, and to be cute, but I want to bring out the “charm” that overflows beyond my ability. Please show your enthusiasm and individuality!

In this audition, we are looking for “new members of existing groups” and “initial members of new groups” at the same time, so we are looking for three categories of idol groups and dance vocal groups: “Idol Division”, “Dance Vocal Division” and “Dancer Division”. !

While considering future developments, members and staff are highly motivated. We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who have the desire to “not give up on their dreams, and want to find a new self”!

audition schedule

First screening: Document screening (held as needed)

Second screening: Interview (held as needed)

Third examination: Practical examination

After passing the third screening, you will be able to participate in the lesson. Looking at personality and aptitude, it will be a stage debut.

*Only successful applicants will be notified of the next screening.
*Transportation expenses will be borne by you. (Applicants will not be billed for examination fees, etc.)
* After passing the exam, we will bear the activity expenses such as lesson fees.

Schedule after passing

Based on regular lessons and live performances, the following activities will be carried out over the course of one to two years.

● MV production
● CD release and subscription distribution
● Live performance
● Karaoke delivery
● Media appearances on TV, radio, etc.
● Commercial broadcasts on street visions and wired broadcasts

▼ Activities
・It is an activity about 3 days a week including lessons. (It is also possible to combine work and studies.)
It’s rewarding and gives me a sense of accomplishment! Let’s make it with members and staff who can seriously work on it!

Audition participation fee


Cost after passing

・Expenses related to activities such as lesson fees will be borne by the office.
・Transportation expenses are the responsibility of the participant. (Limited to Kanto area)

Compensation, salary, awards, prizes, allowances, etc.

Successful applicants will make their national debut as an idol group/girls dance vocal group in 2022!
We will also give you a salary on a commission basis.

Qualification requirements

・Persons who can work based in Tokyo or those who can work online (all over the country/those who can travel to Tokyo several times a year)
・No age limit
・Activity experience not required, inexperienced possible
・People who are healthy both physically and mentally
・ Those who like singing and dancing
・Those who do not have a contract with a specific office and can contract with us (Business tie-up is also possible in some cases. Please contact us)
・Those who can do idol activities with aspirations as a job
・ Those who are serious about debuting
・Minors must have parental consent
・Motivated beginners welcome! For those who have experience in idol activities, please apply only if you can bet on your comeback and think that this is your last chance.

Application method

Please apply by e-mail or LINE dedicated to application.

(1) Email
Fill out the form and email to tjentertainment.info@gmail.com
■ Subject “Audition Application”
■ Necessary items
・ New member of existing group or initial member of new group (if desired)
・Available Areas (Tokyo/Online)
・Date of birth and age
・Height and weight
・Current residence (up to prefecture is OK)
·phone number
・SNS account (if any)
・ Performing arts experience (if any)
・ Brief self-introduction and self-promotion
・ Desired category “Idol category” or “Dance vocal category” or “Dancer category”
・Parental consent (for minors)
★Please send a full-body photo and a bust-up photo. Unprocessed photos please.

Add the application-only LINE account as a friend, copy the automatic response message, fill in the necessary information, and reply.
LINE account @844tfbig
URL https://lin.ee/nigYaun




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