Launched “Rakuten Fashion OMO Service”, which gives bonus points according to the achievement status of “SPU” for shopping at some of the brand shops participating in “Rakuten Fashion” | Rakuten Group Co., Ltd. press release

Rakuten Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rakuten”) is a directly managed store (hereinafter referred to as “Rakuten”) that opens in the target commercial facility when you register to visit from the product page of the target brand shop (Note 1) on the fashion mail order site “Rakuten Fashion”. Note 2) and according to the achievement status of the program “SPU (Super Point Up Program)” that increases the point multiplier given according to the usage status of the Rakuten Group’s target services when shopping at all 116 roadside stores. The OMO (Online Merges with Offline) measure “Rakuten Fashion OMO Service” (hereinafter referred to as “this measure”), which gives bonus points, will start today.

When the user presents the common point service “Rakuten Point Card” or “Rakuten Point Card App” operated by Rakuten Payment Co., Ltd. when purchasing the product at the target physical store, the user will be presented with the normal “Rakuten Point Card”. In addition to points, you will be able to accumulate “Rakuten points” according to the purchase price and the usage status of Rakuten Group services, as when shopping at “Rakuten Ichiba” or “Rakuten Fashion” (Note). 3). It is also possible to check the inventory status of products in actual stores from each product page of the target brand shop.

Through this measure, the target brand shops send customers of “Rakuten Ichiba” and “Rakuten Fashion” to actual stores, and improve customer satisfaction and sales through customer service such as trying on at actual stores and proposing coordination. It will be possible to work on the expansion of.

Rakuten will also consider planning and promoting sales promotion activities for each brand shop by utilizing marketing data obtained online and offline.

Rakuten will continue to provide a highly convenient shopping experience that meets the diversifying needs of our customers.

(Note 1) Target brand shops: “ADAM ET ROPE'”, “SALON adam et rope'”, “ROPÉ”, “ROPE’ PICNIC” operated by Jun Co., Ltd. “Lope Picnic”, “bonjour records”, “JUN & ROPE”, “JUNRed”, “NERGY”, “Saturdays NYC”, “ViS” (Bis) “and” UNITED ARROWS “,” BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS “,” UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing “operated by UNITED ARROWS LTD. , “Odette e Odile” (As of April 1, 2022. Target brand shops will be gradually expanded.)
(Note 2) In addition to the roadside stores of the target brand shops, stores that open in 9 facilities such as “PARCO” operated by PARCO Co., Ltd. and “SOLARIA PLAZA” operated by Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd. are eligible (9 facilities). Is subject to this measure until the end of September 2022. Target commercial facilities will be gradually expanded in the future.)
(Note 3) In the “SPU (Super Point Up Program)”, the +0.5 times granted by purchasing from the “Rakuten Ichiba” app is not eligible for the grant.

■ Overview of “Rakuten Fashion OMO Service”
Summary: After registering to visit the store with “Rakuten Fashion”, presenting the “Rakuten Point Card” when purchasing the product will give “Rakuten Points” according to the usage status of Rakuten Group services.
How to Use:
① In “Rakuten Fashion”, search for the product and select “Find a store”.
② Select “Go to the store” and complete the store visit registration.
③ Present the “Rakuten Point Card” or “Rakuten Point Card” app when you visit a roadside store or commercial facility of the target brand and purchase the product.

[About “Rakuten Fashion”]URL:
“Rakuten Fashion” is a fashion mail order site where popular fashion brand shops participate. In October 2020, “Rakuten Fashion Luxury” was opened on the site, and in November of the same year, “DESIGNERS & INTERNATIONAL” was opened to disseminate the products of luxury brands and designer brands and their attractiveness. At the time of product purchase, Rakuten Group’s point program “Rakuten Points” can be accumulated or used for payment. We also offer a dedicated smartphone app.
iOS version app:
(Recommended operating environment: iOS 11 or above)
* IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the United States and other countries, and iOS is used under license.
Android ™ version app:
(Recommended operating environment: Android OS 5.0 or higher)
* Android ™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

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