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Pay attention to the burning energy! Members explain the charm of “Voltage”.

ITZY will release their first Japanese original song “Voltage” on April 6th. We asked all the members to tell us what they thought when they first listened to the song and what they wanted them to pay attention to.

Yeji:ITZYThe perfect song for you!ITZYIt’s unique, but I’m really excited to be able to express new appearances that I haven’t been able to see before. In particular, I love dancing in an unprecedented atmosphere. Although the tempo is fast, I value the flowing expression and dance. The point of the song is the opening part where everyone sings. Personally, I would like you to pay attention to the rust part. I think you can hear the powerful singing voice!

rear:When I first heard it, the song was very nice and I was looking forward to my activities in Japan. It made me even more happy to be able to imagine ourselves performing coolly. At first I thought it was a dramatic song, but when I actually performed it, there was an explosive excitement as I approached the climax, and it was full of energy!

Ryujin:It’s an energetic song!Also in the message in the lyricsITZYI think it’s a song that is full of unique energy and conveys its strength. What I would like you to pay attention to is the choreography of the ending.ITZYThe signature of “Crown Pose”, in which both hands are placed on the head to make a crown, is expressed in this song as if it burns up with a melody after the title.

Chaeryeong:When I first heard it, I immediately said “ITZYIt’s a unique song! I was convinced. I especially want you to listen to the chorus part. The song will be lively as if the energy explodes further. Dance also moves both hands a lot and becomes more and more powerful, so please pay attention to it!

Yuna:Anyway, it’s a strong song.ITZYI think that this song will show a more powerful appearance than ever before.ITZYPlease also pay attention to the ending “crown pose” which is the signature of. The pose that expresses the burning passion will surely be enjoyed by fans!

Dance challenge with ITZY!

ITZY sent a video message saying that there is a part that he wants to dance with everyone in VOGUE GIRL. What taught me was the chorus part of “Voltage”. Pose with all your heart to the lyrics “VOLTAGE UP”! LET’S DANCE with ITZY!

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