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Lifestyle Cafe & Dining Bar opened in MaenochoBeach boys“I went to!

It opened on February 5, 2022.
I visited for lunch.

Lifestyle Cafe & Dining Bar “Beach Boys” seems to open near Aeon Style in Maenocho.

It seems that Lifestyle Cafe & Dining Bar “Beach Boys” will open near Aeon Style in Maeno Town!

Here on the map ↓

3-26-4 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku.

*Article continued below

* The article continues below

On the left is the AEON STYLE Sayanoyu.
Continue to Mitsugi Park.
Right side. Kasumi is near through Book Off.
You can check the menu of the day on the store signboard.

All items can be taken out.
You also do Hawaiian scones and tapioca drinks.

Inside the store.
A relaxing space where you can relax.
There are also counter seats.
Lunch menu.
Drink menu.
Drinks are also included with lunch.
This time I chose iced coffee.
Roast beef plate (880 yen)
Assorted salads. It also comes with potatoes.
Miso soup.
A very nice volume of meat.

A delicious roast beef that is soft and full of flavor.
Recommended for meat lovers!

It is also a nice point that the rice is millet rice.

The sauce and dressing are also handmade and have a natural taste.
It looks like a great lunch.

Owners Emi (left) and Aika (right).

Both of them were very kind and talked to me.
It seems that Emi is in charge of cooking and Aika is in charge of the hall.

There are surfboards in the store and it has a beach atmosphere, so I asked, “Are you a surfer?”

I don’t seem to be a surfer.
(She seems to like the sea.)

The store name comes from the drama “Beach Boys” starring Takashi Sorimachi and Yutaka Takenouchi.

I see. Was it over there?

I was also shown the menu for dinner time.

Cafe & Dining Bar run by two female shop owners.
It looks like it will be fun at night.

* Thank you for providing information to our readers!


store information

Store name Beach boys
address 3-26-4 Maenocho, Itabashi-ku
business hours

11: 30-15: 00, 17: 00-23: 00

Regular holiday Sunday / first monday
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

* The content of the article is as of the time of the interview. Please check the latest information directly at the store or in the official information.

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