Courtesy visit to Belgian professional soccer club KMSK Deinze, DEA and Mayor of Deinze. Mayor Danes announces support for strategic partnership! | Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd Press Release

Naoto Yoshida (Founder & CEO) of Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA) and Hiroyuki Ono (CEO) of ACA Football Partners (ACAFP), which develops the GameFi platform business globally based in Singapore, are Belgian soccer.・ We paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Deinze Football Club NV (hereinafter referred to as KMSK Danes), which operates KMSK Danes, which belongs to the second division of the Pro League, and participated in a panel discussion. rice field. In the future, KMSK Danes will cooperate with DEA ​​with the support of the mayor to support club development and revitalize the region through Web3 measures.

This courtesy visit is part of the strategic partnership between DEA and KMSK Danes that was signed in February, and KMSK Danes will be a digital asset on the game platform “Play Mining” operated by DEA with the cooperation of the city.・ We plan to purchase NFT of game items using the investment funds of club sponsors, participate in DEA’s Play & Earn game, create new value at both local and global levels, and develop new revenue sources. ..

Mayor Jan Vermeulen has announced his participation in the project and the city of Danes has expressed his willingness to support the future development of the club and the strengthening of the local community. DEA will then create a special NFT card for club supporters and the mayor of Jan Vermeulen and Lennart Mertens, who belong to the club, with local citizens and supporters. We will build a direct connection between them.

Gaming guild is an organization that invests in NFT of Play & Earn games and makes money from games by playing systematically, and the number is rapidly expanding mainly in Southeast Asia, and it is a means of creating new jobs. Is attracting attention as.
As a result, KMSK Danes will be able to generate new sponsor revenue and guild business revenue, and DEA will work with KMSK Deinze to raise awareness of game products and its own token DEAPcoin (DEP) in the European region. ..

Gaming guild initiatives have an ESG aspect of job creation through games, making them an attractive ESG investment for local governments and club sponsors. In addition, supporters who have earned rewards from Play & Earn games are expected to use the funds for club-related consumption, which may lead to the revitalization of the sports club economic zone.

DEA plans to sponsor KMSK Danes next season, and as a strategic partner of the city of Danes, in the future it will take more comprehensive Web3 measures such as creating an economic zone using Watch to Earn and fan tokens. We plan to work together.


■ Comments from Mayor Jan Vermeulen, City of Danes
We are pleased to welcome ACAFP and DEA to the City of Danes, who are working on the future development of KMSK Danes, which we also support. The world is moving fast, including digital technology, and what I see in this Web3 strategic partnership is very ambitious. KMSK Danes is a very important organization for the community and we feel that being one of the first cases of implementing Web3 in football clubs will be a proud case for them too.

■ Comments from ACAFP CEO and KMSK Danes Vice Chairman Hiroyuki Ono
In a short time after the announcement of the strategic partnership with DEA ​​at the end of February, we were able to develop a project involving the city of Danes, and we appreciate the understanding and efforts of all concerned. In soccer club management, thinking about revitalizing hometowns and collaborating with club supporters is one of the important elements in management, and collaborating with the city of Danes is a big step for us. I would like to continue to create a system to liven up KMSK Danes together with the city and supporters.

■ Comments from Naoto Yoshida, CEO of DEA
We would like to thank Mayor Jan Vermeulen of the City of Danes and all the people concerned for welcoming us warmly and grandly. And I am honored to announce a new partnership with the City of Danes and KMSK Danes. We believe that the future of GameFi and Play & Earn is to solve social issues in a sustainable way, to revitalize the region, and to support people with dreams and hopes. We pray for the further development of the City of Danes and KMSK Danes.

[About KMSK Danes]
A historic soccer club that belongs to the Belgian Pro League 2nd Division, which was established in 1926. The city of Deinze, the home town, is located in the East Flanders region and is known as a region where many wealthy people live.
In the 2019-20 season, he was promoted to the second division of the Belgian Pro League, and in the first year of the promotion, the 2020-21 season, he performed well with 5th place (out of 8 clubs). It is a club that is growing rapidly, such as announcing a new stadium construction plan.

For more information on KMSK Danes, please visit the official website.

[About ACAFP]
Based in Singapore, it is a soccer company that plans to own a multi-club from Asia, and is a member of the ACA Group whose core business is the formation and management of investment funds. Soccer players who are active in Europe are also participating in the team as founding members in support of ACAFP’s mission “Liberating and evolving the value of soccer”. Going forward, we will promote multiple capital and business alliances with partner clubs that support the mission and play a part in accelerating the global expansion of European soccer.

Please see the official website for details on CAFP.

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. | https://dea.sg/jp/
DEA, which handles the GameFi platform business, is a company established in Singapore in August 2018. We are developing the Play to Earn game “Job Tribes” and the NFT marketplace “Play Mining NFT”. Utilizing blockchain technology, we aim to realize a world where “enjoyment turns into value”.
Representative: Naoto Yoshida Kozo Yamada
Location: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, # 05-01, Singapore 018936
Established: August 2018
Business: GameFi platform business

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