Mika Ninagawa makes a live-action version of the CLAMP manga from the movie “Holic xxxHOLiC”, starring Ryunosuke Kamiki & Kou Shibasaki-Fashion Press

CLAMP’s manga “xxxHOLiC” has been made into a live-action movie. It will be released as the movie “Holic xxxHOLiC” from April 29, 2022 (Friday / holiday). Directed by Mika Ninagawa and starring Ryunosuke Kamiki & Kou Shibasaki.

Mika Ninagawa makes a live-action movie “Holic xxxHOLiC”

  1. CLAMP’s popular manga “xxxHOLiC” is made into a live-action movie
  2. Directed by Mika Ninagawa
  3. Ryunosuke Kamiki & Kou Shibasaki starring W
  4. Riho Yoshioka and Hayato Isomura on the Joro Spider & Red Spider
  5. Characters visiting[Mise]
  6. The music is Keiichiro Shibuya & the theme song is SEKAI NO OWARI
  7. Comment from director Mika Ninagawa
  8. A hands-on exhibition of the movie “Holic xxxHOLiC” in Harajuku
  9. [Work information]

CLAMP’s popular manga “xxxHOLiC” is made into a live-action movie

© 2022 Movie “Holic” Production Committee ⓒCLAMP ・ ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD./Kodansha

The original “xxxHOLiC” is the best-selling comic of the creative group CLAMP, which depicts paranormal phenomena with aesthetic visuals. It was serialized in Young Magazine from 2003 to 2010, and the total sales of books exceeded 14 million copies. The popular manga, which has been made into novels, animations, live-action dramas, and theatrical performances, will be made into live-action movies for the first time.

I will grant any wish. However, there is a price to pay for it ————— This is where you can fulfill any wishes hidden in your heart[Mise]. What is your wish?

April 1st (Watanuki), a lonely high school student who can see “Ayakashi” who is obsessed with the darkness of the human heart. On April 1st, when he wants to erase his abilities and lead a normal life, one day he is led by a butterfly and arrives at a mysterious[Mise].

“I will grant any wish, but I will get the price for it.” Yuko, the mysterious and beautiful mistress of Mise, whispers to offer his “most important thing” in order to fulfill her wishes on April 1st. On April 1st, live with her Yuko and help[Mise]. Eventually she gets along with her classmates Dodomeki and Himawari, and as she meets people with her worries, she gets caught up in a big incident beyond her imagination.

Directed by Mika Ninagawa

Mika Ninagawa, one of Japan’s leading photographers and creators, takes the megaphone. She has worked on the movies “Diner Diner”, “No Longer Human and the Three Women” and the Netflix original drama “FOLLOWERS”, and has a track record in video works. Mika Ninagawa has been a fan of the original since the publication of “xxxHOLiC”, and has been eager to make it into a movie for about 10 years, warming up the concept.

An action scene full of VFX will also appear in the play. I would like to pay attention to how Mika Ninagawa makes a live-action film of the one and only CLAMP world.

Ryunosuke Kamiki & Kou Shibasaki starring W

April 1 Kimihiro (Watanuki Kimihiro) … Ryunosuke Kamiki

A lonely high school student who wants to live a normal life by keeping a distance from people because of his special ability to see “Ayakashi” who is close to the darkness of the human heart. At Yuko’s suggestion, she works as a housekeeper while looking for the price of “the most important thing”.

The lead role is Ryunosuke Kamiki, who starred in “Fortuna’s Eye” and “Murder at Shijinso”. He shows off his kappogi in the play. Also pay attention to the confrontation scene with “Ayakashi”.

Yuko Ichihara (Yuko Ichihara) … Kou Shibasaki

The mysterious[Mise]mistress that any wish will come true. A mysteriously beautiful woman who sees her abilities on April 1st and offers to grant his wishes in exchange for her. Kou Shibasaki, who is about to release the third “Silence Parade” in the “Galileo” series, will star in W with Ryunosuke Kamiki. Ryunosuke Kamiki and Kou Shibasaki have been co-starring since the TV drama “Dr. Cotto Clinic”, which Kamiki appeared at the age of 10.

Kou Shibasaki showed off 16 outfits in the play to match Yuko’s character, “I will never wear the same clothes again.” Pay attention to the decorative dress.

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