“JINS 2022 Spring & Summer Fashion Collection” Appears from Thursday, April 14 | Press Release of JINS Holdings Co., Ltd.

“Fashion Collection” series that develops trendy eyewear for each season

Like fashion, eyewear trends change every season. In this series, we quickly catch the latest eyewear trends and put them into a design that is easier to wear and send them with originality. Aiming to take root as a new trend in Japan, we started developing it in June 2021. The first series is “Polygonal” glasses with the theme of “EDGE”, and the second series is “Sheer” glasses with the theme of “NUDE MOOD”. And this time, as a new model for spring and summer, “JINS 2022 Spring & Summer Fashion Collection” with the theme of “Eighties” will be released.
In this series, while keeping the essence of 80’s fashion, we will develop glasses that have been updated to a modern version by fusing them with the latest trends such as polygons, double rims, and designs with gaps in the frame. Under the message, “Don’t you want to be fashionable soon?”, we expressed the momentum and strength of the 80’s, which was full of vitality, and expressed the spirit of the era through products and visuals. increase.

Cool “Black Impact” based on black and “Olive Holic” with individuality
There are 8 types of products in 2 categories: the cool “Black Impact” that expresses the strength and beauty of fashion in black, and the “Olive Holic” that pushes through your favorite fashion with patterns and layers. Line up seeds. “Black Impact” expresses individuality by creating gaps in the bridge and brow line of the frame based on black and gray. “Olive Holic” is a pair of glasses that allows you to freely enjoy fashion while expressing your own personality, such as by combining different materials on the frame and upper part of the front to create a cat-eye finish.
Enjoy spring and summer fashion freely from your eyes with glasses that express the world view of 80s proposed by JINS.

Product Summary
[Series name]JINS 2022 Spring & Summer Fashion Collection
[Lineup]24 types of 8 types
[Release date]Thursday, April 14, 2022
[Price]¥8,800 (tax included) *Prescription lens included
[Accessories]Glasses case, Celite
[Sales channels]JINS stores nationwide, JINS online shop
[Official site]
*Products will be available for purchase after Thursday, April 14th.

Line up

Black Impact / 4 type 12 types

UMF-22S-095/3 colors

It has just the right amount of peculiarity and is modern.
Seamless lines that create a unique look.

UMF-22S-096/3 colors

Simple x Accent.
The two-pronged bridge makes you look casually the main character.

URF-22S-097/3 colors

This gap is the gap.
Add a sense of fun to the clever design.

URF-22S-098/3 colors

This gap is the gap.
A soft yet unforgettable face.

Olive Holic / 4 type 12 types

LMF-22S-099/3 colors

Cat eyes, cat ears.
Classic cat eye topped with resin ears.

LMF-22S-100/3 colors

Gold just for you.
The delicacy of the double rim, with exquisite coloring.

MRF-22S-10 1/3 colors

Eye-catching double color.
Retro and intelligent full resin frame.

MMF-22S-102/3 colors

Don’t forget about your profile.
2 tone on the side for an advanced look.

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