Perfect for camping and marine sports! “Tropicfeel” latest work “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” goal achieved in 1 day after crowdfunding started! |Press release from Crowd Marketing Co., Ltd.

“Tropicfeel” latest work “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” / Chive Green

“Tropicfeel” latest work “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” / Asphalt Gray

“Tropicfeel” latest work “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” Makuake dedicated site:

  • From everyday use to camping and marine sports with one pair! And what is an all-in-one shoe that considers sustainability?

“Tropicfeel” is a global brand that sells only online, which is rare in the shoe industry, and has sold a total of 400,000 pairs through overseas crowdfunding. The most important features of “Tropicfeel” are the special drainage hole, the body and sole that are easy to “drain” and dry quickly, and the slip-on type that makes it very easy to put on and take off. In addition, it is the lightest at 240 grams, and it is made with a design that can be used as everyday wear, so in the coming season, you can go camping, play in the river or climb mountains, dry it at the site and return home. It can be said that it is a completely new camping shoe that does not increase.
In addition, “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” is made of 3D mesh, which makes it easy to fit the shape of your foot. It has become a structure that reduces the burden of

3D mesh construction for better fit3D mesh construction for better fit

Changed to a sole structure that is easy to use both in the city and in the mountainsChanged to a sole structure that is easy to use both in the city and in the mountains

“Because this fit creates ‘easy to wear’, recently it has been used by people who do marine sports because it can be used in the water” (Comment from Maori Ogawa, Director of Crowd Marketing).
In addition, Tropicfeel is manufactured without using any animal-derived materials, and about 7 recycled PET bottles (77% recycled polyester) are used for the body, and algae is used for the outsole and insole. Bloom 8%) is used, and it has become a hot topic overseas as a sustainable shoe that is truly environmentally friendly. Excellent quick-drying, lightweight and easy to wear. And “Tropicfeel”, which is vegan-free and eco-friendly, can be said to be an all-in-one shoe that reflects the sustainability era.

Body part adopts PET bottle of waste plasticBody part adopts PET bottle of waste plastic

“THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” will be closed for pre-order until April 28, 2022 and will be shipped by August.

Tropic feel that is convenient even in the sea and has excellent quick-drying propertiesTropic feel that is convenient even in the sea and has excellent quick-drying properties

In the future, Tropicfeel Japan plans to collaborate with campsites nationwide where you can play in the river and regions where marine sports are popular, and hold hands-on events, etc., with a full lineup including “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” We plan to strengthen sales to new users.

  • “Tropicfeel” latest work, “THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL SHOE” product information

“Tropicfeel”, which began general sales in Japan in March 2021, was developed in 2019 by a Spanish manufacturer. When the owner Albert went on a trip to Thailand and after walking for 100 hours with a heavy backpack, his sneakers broke. It was born from the idea of This pair can be used for everyday use, the sea, mountains, and marine sports, making it perfect for travel and camping in the coming season.

Price: 20,800 yen including tax
Material: Upper (body): 77% recycled polyester + polyester + silicon + TPU film
Insole: 100% polyester + 8% bloom + EVA
Midsole: Upcycled EVA 20% + EVA
Outsole: Full rubber piece (rubber)
Colors: Chive Green, Asphalt Gray
Size: 23 cm – 30.5 cm (EU size 36-47)
Other features:
・Quick-drying: Realized quick-drying with carefully selected materials
Odorless: Agion® treatment reduces odor throughout the shoe
・Slip-on: Easy to put on without tying shoelaces
Lightweight: Weighs 240 grams, perfect for taking anywhere
・Breathability: Excellent breathability that can be worn with socks or bare feet
Sustainable: Made with eco-friendly materials

“Tropicfeel” URL:


  • Overview of Crowd Marketing Co., Ltd.

Company name: Cloud Marketing Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mitsuharu Masui, President and Representative Director
Capital: 27.99 million yen
Date of establishment: March 18, 2020
Officer: Director Midori Matsuzaki
Director Maori Ogawa
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Atsushi Ohno
Head office location: Roppongi Centurion Tower 9F, 3-6-1 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Sustainable shoe brand “Tropicfeel” site:
Corporate site:

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