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Naughty kittens are here!

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Tell us more about cats! A 6-month-old boy and cat that bothers dogs.

Mushu Jay, who lives with his dog Léo, is a Siamese mix. He asked how Yancha was.

Cat french

I live in a small single-family house in the countryside of Burgundy.
When the owner consulted with a colleague that he wanted a cat, he seemed to meet me when he happened to have a kitten at his colleague’s house. It seems that there was one girl and several boys today, but I don’t know why I chose me.

My day usually starts like this: Meow in front of the bedroom door to warn the owner who doesn’t wake up, entangle in the owner’s paw before breakfast, then play, mess with the dog Leo, meow during the meal, afternoon I sleep all the time, play again and frustrate Leo again. I am spending such a day.

Cat french

My favorite foods are jelly-like chicken and salmon. At home I love to go into cat trees and baskets. I like small stuffed animals as toys. I love having the owner tie the cat tree with a string and play with the stuffed animals that move up and down.

Cat french

My personality wants to clarify black and white. The movement is tornado-like, stubborn, greedy for everything, and full of playfulness. They make fun of dogs, play around at night and play around with them, and meow many times. The owner says my nails resemble a beautiful red rose. Has beautiful thorns that play pranks attacking the owner’s arm!

Cat french

When I was born at the owner’s colleague’s house, my body was pure white. Then it gradually became colored and became the current color! But maybe it will be darker in the future. At first, the dog Leo was so scared that he was protected on the second floor where his owner was sleeping for a week. Eventually I got used to Leo and am now the king of the house.

It’s so noisy that I’m with Leo on the ground floor when I go to bed. Sometimes I get scolded for all the bad things, but it’s crap. Leo is big and quiet, so you can rest assured if you are with him. I asked Leo what he thought of me, but only then did he pretend to be asleep and didn’t answer.

Cat french

–The owner, a dog education leader, has a 9-year-old Labrador Cross Leo. Leo has lived with several cats in the past, so he knows them very well! When Mushu Jay arrived, he seemed to remember what he was doing and was a little happy. Now I play a lot with two people. When Mushu Jay is bothering Leo, Leo seems to be trying to get him to understand his feelings. It seems that there are places where they sleep together and collude. They often make their owners laugh when they play! Even if they are a little jealous of each other, they are getting along well. I’m looking forward to seeing what Mushu Jay will look like when he grows up.

Interview, text, Manabu Matsunaga

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