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Today (April 20th), Sky Entertainment Network is pre-registering for a new smartphone app “Kamikai Kiden-Ya million God’s Fantasy Tan-” (hereinafter “Kamikai Kiden”) based on Japanese mythology. Announced that it has started.

In addition, we will hold a “pre-registration start commemorative campaign” in which in-game luxury items will be distributed according to the number of pre-registered users.

In addition, on the official Twitter of “Kamikai Kiden”, in commemoration of the start of pre-registration, the 9th “iPhone 13 pro max Alpine Green” and “10,000 yen” will be held. We will also carry out a follow-up & RT campaign to win “Amazon Gift Certificates for Minutes”.

■ Pre-registration is being accepted!
Pre-registration for the new smartphone MMORPG “Kamikai Kiden ~ Yamillion God’s Illusion Tan ~” scheduled to be released this spring has officially started on April 20th.

[Pre-registration period]From April 20th (Wednesday) to the official service start

[Pre-registration method]Pre-registration of “Kamikai Kiden” can be done by pre-ordering from each app store.

■ Pre-registration campaign is being held!
Depending on the achievement of the pre-registration target, we will hold a pre-registration start commemorative campaign including item distribution after release and Twitter luxury prize lottery, and the more participants there are, the more luxurious the reward will be. This is your chance to win not only in-game items but also luxury prizes such as Amazon Gift Certificates and iPad Air!

[Pre-registration reward (you can get it just by pre-registering)]Skin-Inari Fox. Hair, Free Motoho x 100

[Pre-registration campaign target breakthrough item reward]Over 50,000 people: Bronze coin x 250,000, Knight Beast Promotion Tan x 5, Spirit Beast Promotion Tan x 5
Over 100,000 people: LV.2 Red Jewel x 1, Beginner Feather Extract x 5, Beginner Spirit Experience Tan x 5
Over 150,000 people: LV.2 Blue Jewel x 1, Kinjaku Ayane x 1, Purple Tobi Ayane x 1
Over 200,000 people: Bronze coins x 250,000, free yuan treasure x 88, mopping marks x 5
Over 250,000 people: Bronze coin x 1 million, escort order x 3, nine ghost order x 3
Over 300,000: Skin-Inari Fox. Clothes, free original treasure x 200, treasure key x 2

[Twitter goal breakthrough follow & retweet campaign]Over 50,000 people: Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 5 people
Over 100,000 people: Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 10 people
Over 150,000 people: Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 15 people
Over 200,000 people: Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 20 people
Over 250,000 people: Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 25 people
Over 300,000 people: Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 30 people, iPad Air 256GB x 1 person

■ Celebration! Pre-registration start lottery follow & RT campaign held!
From April 20th to May 1st, a pre-registration campaign will be held on official Twitter to win luxury prizes such as “iPhone 13 pro max Alpine Green” and “Amazon Gift Certificate for 10,000 Yen” by lottery. are doing.

【Implementation period】
April 20th (Wednesday) -May 1st (Sunday)

[Winning prize]Special prize iPhone 13 pro max Alpine green x 1 person
First prize Amazon gift certificate 10,000 yen x 3 people
Second prize Amazon gift certificate for 5,000 yen x 5 people
Third prize Amazon gift certificate for 1,000 yen x 20 people

【way to participate”
① Follow the official Twitter account (@kamiyao_JP)
② RT the corresponding tweet during the period

■ “Kamikai Kiden-Fantasy Tan of Eight Million Gods-“

Pre-registration site

Official Twitter

App Store

Google Play

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