BEENOS Entertainment begins support for EC site development and overseas sales of “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” that disseminates Tokyo culture

The first collaboration partner after the site renewal is the popular showgirl “Briana Gigante” on YouTube. Starting with the first installment in April, we will sell “Briana Gigante” collaboration products for three consecutive months.

■ URL:https://kawaiimonstercafe.shop/

  • Overview of “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE”

KAWAII MONSTER CAFE HARAJUKU, produced by artist Sebastian Masuda in August 2015, is an entertainment restaurant that visualizes Harajuku, a city that creates original culture by swallowing fashion and culture from all over the world. As a new attraction to disseminate KAWAII culture to the world, photogenic interiors and food, entertainment shows that can only be experienced here have attracted attention, and it specializes in inbound demand regardless of age or sex, and the number of visitors is 15 per year. Over 10,000 people. The store closed at the end of January 2021 and is currently collaborating and producing with the unique brand.

online store:https://kawaiimonstercafe.shop/




  • Profile of “Briana Gigante”

A self-proclaimed showgirl from New Jersey, USA. Her high-impact make-up, sharp dance, and her bewitching character became a hot topic, and when the YouTube channel was opened in March 2020, the number of registrations reached 80,000 in just half a year. YouTuber. Currently, it has 310,000 YouTube subscribers. “Small grain make-up” featuring her small eyes is so popular that some people imitate her.
A lot of Brianna-chan goods are also available, and each time they are released, they are completed immediately. Decided to appear in the sequel to the movie “The Shiny Shrimps!” Scheduled to be released in France in 2022.

YouTube: Https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FHro6XfWMGHafWWavzXaQ


  • Site after renewal


An e-commerce site that sells goods for the brand “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” that sends out Tokyo culture.
URL: URL:https://kawaiimonstercafe.shop/

  • Collaboration product “Briana Kawaii Collection”

In the first installment, the original acrylic stand “Self-supporting Brianna Gigante”, which you can take to various places or decorate your room and live together, is on sale from April 8th (Friday) in a limited quantity. is.

[Comment from Brianna]
Please take a picture of me beautifully in a beautiful place, or decorate it as a high-class object.

The second installment is “Jigsaw puzzle drawn by Brianna”, and the third installment is “New design ver. Of face rubber key chain” which was so shocking that it became a menu at KAWAII MONSTER CAFE.




■ The first
Product name:Free-standing Brianna Gigante
Price: 1,320 yen (tax included)
* Limited quantity sale

■ 2nd
Product name:Kawaii Monster Cafe x Briana Gigante Jigsaw Puzzle
Sale time: Scheduled around May 2022
* Limited quantity sale

■ 3rd
Product name:New Brianna Bali Kawaii Facial Keychain
Sale time: Scheduled around June 2022
* Limited quantity sale

  • Groobee support

Groobee (https://groobee.com) is a site construction service that specializes in artist / animation and character content and is packed with optimal entertainment functions. You can start from an initial cost of 0 yen. If you give us the information on the products for sale, Groobee will support you from creative and CS support to logistics support on the site. In addition to building a stand-alone EC site that handles one brand product, if there are multiple artists and contents, we are already developing an EC site in a mall type, selling overseas, and providing it as Saas. It is possible to respond flexibly to companies that have already produced the product and when it is renewed.

BEENOS Entertainment Overview
BEENOS Entertainment will make full use of the BEENOS Group’s three strengths such as “experience value”, “network” and “data accumulation” and new “technology” to support the digital transformation (DX) and globalization of the entertainment industry. I am going. The entertainment-specialized platform “Groobee (https://groobee.com)” that is operated provides comprehensive support from site construction to operation, specializing in content such as artists, animations and characters, from stand-alone type to mall type. It is possible to support up to EC site development at. In addition, since it is possible to link with the BEENOS Group’s cross-border sales support service “Buyee Connect https://beecruise.co.jp/infra/buyeeconnect/”, products from fans in 118 countries and regions around the world. It is packed with the best features for entertainment, such as the ability to purchase.
BEENOS Entertainment supports the entertainment industry, which has empowered many people, with technology, and unites with all stakeholders such as content, artists, event venues, event organizers, etc., and the market and profits of the Japanese entertainment industry. We will promote our business to help expand the market, and realize “Entertainment DX that can be enjoyed by both artists and fans by transmitting content that suits each individual’s appeal.”

【Company Profile】
Company name: BEENOS Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takuro Utsumi, President and CEO
Headquarters location: 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: February 2020
Fund: 50 million yen

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