Once again, nine services that support travel that anyone can go with peace of mind “RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT” will be available on April 26 (Tuesday) | H.I.S. Press Release

Through the “RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT” service, we provide comprehensive support for PCR inspection support required for overseas travel and procedures, documents, conditions, etc. required for fluid travel information of each country, both at the time of departure and at the time of returning to Japan. With a total of nine services that support With Corona, we hope that our customers will be able to plan their overseas travel with peace of mind and increase their demand for overseas travel.

86% of people feel uneasy about traveling abroad
Awareness of corona-related procedures at the time of travel is 5% or less

With the launch of this service, HIS conducted a “Awareness Survey on Overseas Travel in Korona-ka”. (Refer to the supplementary material) As a result, it was found that 86% of the people are worried about going abroad, and many people are worried about going abroad. In addition, the number of people who know the procedure for corona countermeasures at the time of travel is less than 5%, and it is clear that there is a big gap in consciousness and condition change as travel conditions fluctuate daily due to corona damage. became.

Through the “RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT” service, HIS aims to realize a society where customers can travel with peace of mind by providing support that is close to customers both before and after their trip.

■ “RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT” 9 service outlines

① NEW TRAVEL PCR test service
Pre-arrange reservations for PCR tests required at departure and return.
At a reasonable price, HIS can realize PCR tests that are effective for overseas travel.

② Preview trip at home

Browse travel destinations around the world online at home.
Prepare for your trip with free information sessions and paid online experience tours.

③ Health management of local staff

In order to protect the peace of mind of our customers, we are greeted by local staff who thoroughly manage corona measures and physical condition.

④ World Staff Report

Check the current situation of the local area with live information provided by local staff

⑤ Travel Mae Anshin Concierge

HIS completely covers the ever-changing world travel information.
We will guide you through all the necessary procedures, documents, and conditions.

⑥ If support

In the unlikely event that a corona infection is confirmed while traveling,
Local staff will fully support you from the procedure for changing hotels and return flights to the purchase of daily necessities.

⑦ Select window / Select expert

The perfect contact point for you, face-to-face, by phone, or online.
A general consultation desk where experts can also be nominated.

⑧ HIS World Safety Net

HIS supports customers’ safe and comfortable travel from bases in 113 cities * in 60 countries overseas.
You can consult in Japanese 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to worry if you have any trouble. * As of April 2022

➈ HIS Travel Researcher

First of all, the responsibility of traveling from HIS employees.
Check your travel destination from a professional perspective.

Awareness survey on overseas travel in Korona-ka
With the start of various measures to resume the traffic of international people, we conducted a “Awareness Survey on Overseas Travel in Korona-ka” targeting 400 people in their teens and 70s nationwide. As a result, anxiety about overseas travel became apparent, and it became clear that travelers were not keeping up with the daily changing travel conditions.

Survey target: 400 men and women in their teens to 70s nationwide, survey method: Internet survey, survey time: March 2022

86% of people feel uneasy about going on an overseas trip
As a result, less than 5% of people know the corona countermeasure procedure when traveling.

About future overseas travelAbout 90% of people have anxietyIt became clear. Furthermore, when I asked various questions about the current rules of travel conditions,Less than 5% of respondents know about all questionsIt became the result of. 1.8% of the respondents knew “the number of PCR tests required when traveling abroad”, and 1.3% answered that they knew “the average cost of PCR tests when traveling abroad”, which was the lowest result. became. Furthermore, “What to do if you are infected with coronavirus while traveling” was 2.8%, and “Immigration conditions differ depending on the travel destination” was 5%.Low awareness of changes in travel conditions after coronaBecame clear.

Only 4% knew all the correct screening criteria in Hawaii
Regarding travel conditions in Hawaii, which is popular as an overseas travel destination, only 4% of the respondents knew all the conditions for exemption from self-isolation after entering Japan, and more than 60% did not know any of them. ..

Changes in the values ​​of overseas travel before and after the Korona-ka
Before and after the Korona-ka, when comparing the question “Under what conditions do you want to go abroad?”, Before the Korona-ka, “The travel price is within the budget ( 32.8%) ”, the amount of money was the most important. However, nowadays, in response to the same question, “I can consult in Japanese in case of emergency (31%)”, “I can take measures when I am in poor physical condition (30.5%)”, and “I can always understand the local situation before entering Japan.” (28%) ”, the most important thing was whether or not we could respond and consult in the event of an emergency, and the results showed anxiety about fluctuating situations.

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