Notice of new management system of GENDA and GENDA GiGO Entertainment | Press release of GENDA Co., Ltd.

GENDA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Hisashi Kataoka; President: Mai Shin; hereinafter referred to as the Company) announced that new officers were elected at the annual general meeting of shareholders and board of directors held on April 27. I would like to inform you about the new management structure that accompanies my appointment.
At the same time, we would like to inform you of the new management structure effective May 1 of GENDA GiGO Entertainment Co., Ltd., a group company.

Overall view of the group

With the addition of one new director, we aim to strengthen governance of the entire group, accelerate and expand business development, and further improve corporate value.

[Profile of new director] Director(part-time)/lawyer  Aya Nomura

Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law and Rikkyo University Law School.
Since December 2007, he has been engaged in legal services, and after working at Torikai Sogo Office, worked at Wadakuramon Law Office.
Various lawsuits, advice on corporate governance, response to general meetings of shareholders and board of directors, investigation and response to scandals, response to corporate crime, response to whistleblowing, personnel affairs, preparation and confirmation of legal documents including review of various contracts and regulations, etc. Handles general corporate legal affairs.

2.G Co., Ltd.ENDA GiGO Entertainment
As of May 1, Mr. Akihiko Sugita, former managing director of Takarajima Co., Ltd., will be appointed as an executive officer.

[New executive officer profile] Operating officer Administrative headquarters deputyGeneral ManagerAkihiko Sugita

Graduated from Ohara Bookkeeping School.
In 1992, joined Takara Amusement Co., Ltd.
Responsible for sell-side and buy-side M&A during corporate restructuring and organizational restructuring.
After retiring from the company in 2008, he was appointed Director and General Manager of Synergy Co., Ltd. (now Dentsu Medical Communications Inc.). After establishing the business succession, in 2013, he was appointed Managing Director and General Manager of Administration Headquarters at the same time Takarajima Holdings Co., Ltd. (now Takarajima Co., Ltd.) was established.

Company Profile
In order to realize our aspiration to make people’s lives more enjoyable around the world, we aim to build a global entertainment network and increase the “total amount of fun” that circulates in the world. increase. Currently, it operates about 220 amusement facilities under the “GiGO” and “SEGA” brands. In addition, we are developing amusement machine rental business, online crane game business, sales promotion business, character license business, China business, Taiwan business, and US business.

Company name: GENDA Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hisashi Kataoka, Chairman and Representative Director
Representative Director and President Mai Shin
Date of establishment: May 2018
Location: 1-6-1 Omori Honcho, Ota-ku, Tokyo Omori Park Building 4F
Website: https://genda.jp/

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