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In recent years, the garment and lifestyle industry has been hit hard by the rapidly changing world situation, including Corona, while challenges in the industry have become apparent and reforms are required. For example, due to the division of the supply chain, mass production and mass disposal have become the norm, and carbon dioxide emissions account for 10% of the world’s emissions, creating an industrial structure with a high environmental impact. For example, it has become.

This is only part of the challenges within the industry, but to solve these challenges, Shitateru offers a “sitateru CLOUD” that transforms the supply chain. And this time, in order to further promote the transformation, we have partnered with FMB, which has the technology to enable sales without producing the product until the mass production stage.

In the clothing and lifestyle industry, one of the factors that cause mass production and mass disposal is to mass-produce products six months in the future while estimating consumer needs, and to maximize sales. , There is an industry-specific business practice and challenge of reducing costs as much as possible. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of production volume by producing only the amount that is consumed in the first place.


FMB has strengths in computer graphics (3DCG) technology in the 3D space of fashion, so we will create a new product, 3DCG, to be sold six months in advance and propose it to consumers. This makes it possible to explore consumer needs and optimize production and distribution volumes. In addition to optimizing production, FMB’s 3DCG is highly accurate, allowing consumers to imagine the same texture as the real thing.

Since you can virtually try on your own avatar in virtual space, consumers can also carry out realistic purchasing activities while staying at home.

Recently, the number of companies promoting the use of 3DCG is increasing, but 3DCG production requires high technical capabilities because it is necessary to link multiple software from patterns and real materials to create elaborate ones. At FMB, we are working to develop human resources with high technical capabilities and create an environment that promotes the utilization of 3DCG by collaborating with vocational schools and providing curriculum.

  • What to achieve in collaboration with FMB

By linking with FMB this time, clients using “sitateru CLOUD” will be able to utilize FMB technology. By utilizing 3DCG at the stage of planning and sample production, by reducing the loss of sample counters and the transportation of samples, it is possible not only to improve work efficiency but also to work on sustainable industries. increase.

In the future, Shitateru will continue to innovate the supply chain through “sitateru CLOUD” with the aim of opening up “clothing making”. In addition, we will build the future of the new clothing and lifestyle industry through a sustainable system that does not discard inventory.

[About Shitateru Co., Ltd.]
We provide a platform business for the production of clothing and lifestyle products centered on the cloud service “sitateru CLOUD”. We are building a new platform formed by “people, mechanisms, and technology” centered on clothing to address issues and environmental issues that accompany the rapid changes in consumers’ lifestyles. We provide an environment where all people involved in the supply chain of the apparel industry can communicate smoothly and conduct business smoothly, regardless of location.

It aims to open up an industry that was previously extremely closed through the platform. In addition, we will support a wide range of apparel companies in general through a build-to-order manufacturing and sales-type system for environmental issues that have long been an issue for the apparel industry. Citatel’s supply chain network, which forms the basis of this, currently has approximately 22,700 brands and companies registered in collaboration with approximately 1,600 sewing factories and fabric manufacturers, mainly in Japan. (As of March 2022)

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■ Company profile
Company name: Shitateru Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Hidekazu Kono
Business content: Operation of garment production platform business centered on cloud services
Capital: 100 million yen
Number of employees: 76 (as of March 2022)
Established: March 2014
Headquarters: 28-23 Suizenji Park, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto 862-0956, 2nd floor
Tokyo branch office: 8th floor of Aobadai Ishibashi Building, 3-1-19 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042

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