We are looking for companies to exhibit at FOOD STYLE Kyushu 2022 (Plastic substitute PR booth)! –Fukuoka Prefectural Government Homepage

In order to reduce plastic waste, the prefecture has set up a “Fukuoka Prefecture Plastic Alternative PR Booth” at FOOD STYLE Kyushu 2022, one of the largest business negotiation exhibitions in Kyushu for the retail, ready-to-eat, and restaurant industries, to promote plastic alternatives. to hold.

Companies that manufacture and sell plastic substitutes are encouraged to apply for the booth!

FOOD STYLE Kyushu 2022overview

[Session]  Reiwa 4th November 9th (Wednesday) to 10th (Thursday) From 10:00 to 17:00 (until 16:00 on the last day)

【venue】 Marine Messe Fukuoka (7-1 Okihamamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)

【Visitors】Buyers in retail, ready-to-eat, and restaurant industries (last year’s results: 14,924)

[Organizer]FOOD STYLE Kyushu Executive Committee

* For details, please see the “FOOD STYLE Kyushu 2022” website.

Fukuoka Prefecture Exhibition Booth (Plastic Alternative PR Booth) Overview


  About 12 companies(schedule)

* The recruitment target is companies that meet all of the following application conditions.

12 booths (per company: frontage 1.8m x depth 1.6m planned)

* We plan to secure 12 booths in Fukuoka Prefecture and hold exhibitions for 12 companies in the area.

* If there are a large number of applications, there is a possibility that the selection or the planned exhibition space per company will be reduced.

* The prefecture will bear the exhibition fee and basic decoration fee.

About recruitment

1. 1. A company that has its head office or business office (including factory) in Fukuoka prefecture.

2. 2. A company that sells or manufactures plastic substitutes for food products such as containers and cutlery made from paper, recycled materials, bioplastics, etc.

3. Exhibits can be exhibited for two days, and an explanation staff can be stationed.

4. Must have been registered in “Fukuoka Plastic Waste Reduction Cooperation Store” or can be registered in the future.

After confirming the application guidelines, fill in the necessary items on the exhibition application form and fill in the necessary items.EmailPlease submit at.

[Submission deadline]Reiwa 4 years 5Friday, 20th of March

[Address]Fukuoka Prefecture Environment Department Recycling Society Promotion Division Planning Section (

・ Exhibition application form [Excelファイル/21KB]  

・ Recruitment procedure[PDFファイル/156KB]

・ Recruitment leaflet [PDFファイル/916KB]

Scheduled to be decided in June 4th year of Reiwa

* After the decision is made, the result will be notified to the company that applied.

Contact information

Planning Section, Recycling Society Promotion Division, Environment Department, Fukuoka Prefecture


Phone: 092-643-3371

FAX: 092-643-3377

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