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J SPORTS will broadcast live and LIVE on all stages of the Giro d’Italia. A new service that allows you to predict the victory “Cycle Road Race Winner Prediction-Who Cycle?-” Will start on May 2nd (Monday). Let’s introduce it from the press release below.

J SPORTS Giro d’Italia broadcast live on all stages & LIVE

J SPORTS Giro d'Italia broadcast live on all stages & LIVEJ SPORTS Giro d’Italia broadcast live on all stages & LIVE
J-Sports Co., Ltd. * 1, the largest four-channel sports TV station in Japan, has 21 stages of the 105th Giro d’Italia, which will start on May 6 (Friday), and a rest to look back on the race of the previous week on the rest day. Live broadcast of Nichi TV. In addition, in “J SPORTS On Demand” * 2, which can be seen on PCs, smartphones, and tablets, in addition to the LIVE distribution of all 21 stages, the entire process of all stages will be distributed LIVE from the start to the finish in English. The first stage is J: COM and some cable TV stations * 3, SKY PerfecTV! Free broadcast on J SPORTS On-demand free LIVE delivery * 4.

Along with the Tour de France in France and Vuelta a España in Spain, the Giro d’Italia is one of the three major bicycle races in the world, “Grand Tour”. This year’s 105th Congress will begin on Friday, May 6th in Budapest, Hungary. The race is said to be the “most beautiful and toughest race” to run through Italy in early summer, but this year’s course is one of the toughest in recent years, with a total altitude of over 51,000m. Despite the high mountain weight, the individual time trials set twice on the 2nd stage and the 21st stage on the final day play an important role in the battle for Maria Rosa, which is a proof of the overall victory.

This year too, J SPORTS will broadcast all Grand Tour races live. Enjoy the world’s best road races from the first race of the Giro d’Italia to the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana.

“Cycling Road Race Winner Prediction-Who is the Cycle?” Service starts on May 2nd (Monday)

J SPORTS will offer a new service “Cycle Road Race Winner Prediction-Cycle Who Kuru?-” And “Cycle Who Kuru?” start. In “Cycling Who Kuru?”, In addition to predicting the victory of the day, you can vote for the overall victory in the stage race, and in the Grand Tour, you can vote for special awards such as the mountain award, point award, and rookie award. It will be added and the ranking will be updated. There are various ways to enjoy it, such as voting for players who are paying attention or doing well, voting for players you like or cheering for, studying course settings, player characteristics, and leg quality to reach the top of the ranking.

To commemorate the start of the service, the 1st place in the Giro d’Italia point ranking will receive a “Tour de France 1-day producer right” to experience the production site of the Tour de France successor of J SPORTS. To do. Even after the Giro d’Italia, you can vote for the races that will be broadcast live on J SPORTS such as the Tour de France and Vuelta a España throughout the season, so the attention of J SPORTS’s cycle road race special site Please try to predict the victory while checking the player information and the race details page.

In addition, we will also introduce how to enjoy “Cycling Who Kuru?” In the “Monthly Chari ~ #jspocycle NEWS ~ Giro d’Italia SP just before the opening” program delivered on May 5th (Thursday / holiday). Please see it together with the preparation for the Giro d’Italia.

Service name: Cycle road race championship forecast-Who is the cycle? ~
Service start: Monday, May 2 0:00 pm
Service URL:

* 1 J SPORTS is the largest 4-channel sports TV station in Japan that is watched by approximately 6.3 million households on cable TV such as J: COM and BS broadcasting SKY PerfecTV !.
* 2 J SPORTS On-Demand is a paid service. For more information, search for “J SPORTS On Demand.”
* 3 Free broadcast may not be available for free depending on the contract type. Please note.
* 4 J SPORTS ID registration is free for viewing.

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