Komon of the professional e-sports team “TEQ WING e-Sports” has been appointed as a Fortnite instructor at Osaka Anime Voice Actor & e-Sports College! | Press release of GK Tech Wing

  • komon player profile

komon is a professional gamer who belongs to the Fortnite division of TEQWING e-Sports.
Besides playing an active part in the competition scene as a player, he is also active as an instructor who teaches Fortnite.

◆ Age: 21 years old
◆ Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
◆ Main achievements:
Participation in C2S3 FNCS Grand Final
Hearts Wild Cup 1st place
◆ Twitter:

  • About Osaka Anime / Voice Actor & e-Sports College

“Osaka Anime / Voice Actor & eSports College” that trains professionals in animation / illustration / voice actors / e-sports / games. It is a school created by the broadcasting industry in Kansai.

Osaka Anime / Voice Actor & e-Sports College
1-5-9 Tenmanbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
TEL: 0120-230-840

  • What is Tech Wing?

GK Tech Wing is a “robot classroom,” “programming classroom,” “e-sports game classroom,” and “on” in Chiba Prefecture.
We provide cutting-edge education for children called “Line eSports Dojo”.
In 2020, we will open the first e-sports game class for children in Chiba prefecture, and teach Fortnite and Minecraft in face-to-face classes in the classroom. Fortnite is taught face-to-face by professional gamers.
In 2021, we started the service of “Online eSports Dojo (URL:” where elementary and junior high school students can learn Fortnite online.
Tech Wing is working as a pioneer of companies working on e-sports as an education for children in order to establish the culture of learning e-sports (games).
We also operate a professional e-sports team “TEQWING e-Sports”.

Techwing e-Sports HP:
Tech Wing Twitter:
Tech Wing Youtube:
Tech Wing HP:

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TEQWING e-Sports is looking for requests for e-sports instructors, event appearances, lectures, etc.
Please use the inquiry form below to contact us.

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