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The “Lady Dior Pop-up Store” featuring Dior’s iconic icon bag “Lady Dior” will be held from May 1st at Roppongi Hills Oro Plaza.


“LADY D-Joy” bag (H13.5× W26 × D5cm) ¥ 594,000 (pop-up only) / Dior (Christian Dior)

In this pop-up store, we will introduce the history of “Lady Dior”, which has traced the symbol of the Maison and the legendary fate, the secret of Savoir-Faire, and trace the trajectory that has been reinterpreted by artists all over the world. Various charms and secrets hidden in this icon bag are revealed with abundant contents such as a service that allows you to put a name and initial embroidery on the animation in the “Dior Lady Art” area and “Lady D-Light” and make a purchase reservation as it is. It will be a spot where you can experience it.

As a limited edition product, “Lady D-Joy”, a wide variety of pop-up “Canage” lambskin, and micro bags are available, and it is also great to experience Lady Dior’s outstanding craftsmanship and rich creativity. feature.

Prior to the opening of the pop-up store, the special site “ALL ABOUT LADY DIOR” has already opened. Here, in addition to the content to enjoy the “Lady Dior Pop-up Store” more, there is also a special page where you can customize your favorite “Lady Dior” in AR by registering with your LINE friends. Before going to a pop-up store, first experience its charm on a special site!

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“Lady Dior” Small Bag (H16.5× W20 × D8cm) ¥ 616,000 / Dior (Christian Dior)

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“Lady Dior My ABC Dior” bag (H16.5× W20 × D8cm) ¥ 627,000 / Dior (Christian Dior)

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“Lady Dior” bag (H15 x W17 x D7cm) ¥ 627,000 / Dior (Christian Dior)

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“Lady Dior” Medium Bag (H20 x W24 x D11cm) ¥ 748,000 / Dior (Christian Dior)

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“Lady D-Light” Medium Bag (H20 x W24 x D11cm) ¥ 649,000 / Dior (Christian Dior)

“Lady Dior Pop-up Store”

Period: 2022 May 1st (Sun) -22nd (Sun)
Venue: Roppongi Hills Oro Plaza
6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business) 11: 00-21: 00
“ALL ABOUT LADY DIOR” special site:
AR filter URL: (Please use after registering as a friend on LINE)

● Contact information
Christian Dior (Dior)
0120-02-1947 (toll free number)

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