Let’s make it! Overcrowded! / Pia x AIR “Japan Sports Week 2022” Exhibit-Beyond the full era! ~

Pia Corporation (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroshi Yanai) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 11th (Wednesday) to 13th (Friday).Japan’s largest comprehensive exhibition for sports teams and athletes “Japan Sports Week 2022”Exhibited jointly with Azusa Research Institute (AIR).Introducing each solution proposed and introduced to each business partner league, team and club with the concept of “overcrowded”To do.

For the past two years, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the opportunity to enjoy sports like before the corona-ka has been greatly lost in the sports world, such as holding unattended games and limiting the number of spectators. However, during this period, the ways of enjoying sports, such as video distribution and remote support planning, have grown rapidly from various angles.

Although the upper limit on the number of spectators has finally been lifted, there are still many challenges in the sports world, such as a safe and secure space that will continue to be essential, recalling fans who have once left, and coexistence between online and offline.

Therefore,Azusa Sekkei, a new company of Azusa Sekkei that handles various arenas including the new national stadium, which has Japan’s largest ticket sales site “Ticket Pia”, is “full” in various senses of stadiums, stadiums, and arenas. Assist. With the slogan “Let’s make! Overcrowded!”, We will deliver a future sports business vision that will not give up on the realization of “full”, “full” and “overcrowded”.


We are waiting for you at the booth, which has the image of a “soccer player’s locker room”. Please feel free to drop by.

“Japan Sports Week 2022”


  • “Japan Sports Week 2022” Pia x AIR

STAGE1 Creating a space that feels full! (Solving problems and achieving full capacity)

-Providing abundant data leading to a better space (facility)
[Pia]Data provision (PIA DMP)

-Step-by-step facility development that is always full
[AIR]Step-by-step facility development that is always full


STAGE2 Creating an experience that makes you want to go again! (Continuity of full capacity 365 days)

-Smooth management assistance from ticket sales promotion / sales to admission
[Pia]DSP advertising
Ticket sales-entrance (organizer site, dynamic pricing gate, etc.)

-Ingenuity of facilities to maximize the emotional experience of customers
[AIR]Ingenuity of facilities that maximize the emotional experience of customers (space where you can feel WOW, experience that can only be found there, etc.)
Variety seats and hospitality areas

STAGE3 Create a full capacity that exceeds the full capacity! (Beyond the full capacity)

-Create a full capacity both “outside” and “after” the box office

-Stadiums and arenas that are used on a daily basis
[AIR]Stadium arena as a town development that is used on a daily basis
Creating a hybrid business with virtual space and distribution

  • Overview of “Japan Sports Week 2022”

Date and time: 2022/5/11 (Wednesday) -13 (Friday) 10: 00-17: 00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall 7 Hall (
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063
・ Get off at “International Exhibition Center” station on the Rinkai Line and walk for about 7 minutes.
・ Get off at Yurikamome “Tokyo Big Sight” station and walk for about 3 minutes
Digital admission ticket to the exhibition (invitation ticket)
――Please show the admission code at the bottom of the page below when you visit.

■ Confirmation of visit in advance
・ If you would like to visit us, please use the form below to complete the pre-questionnaire.
・ We will send you a guide email again to the customers who responded. At that time, we will send you a ticket purchase site to experience ticket authentication at the booth.

・ Please issue an invitation ticket for the Pia x AIR booth from the above ticket site in advance, and present the ticket to the staff when you come to the booth.
・ Please present and authenticate at the entrance gate terminal. We will send a report to the authenticated customer at a later date.

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