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“Wii Sports,” which was the basis of “Nintendo Switch Sports,” was released in 2006 at the same time as the Wii itself. In “Wii Sports,” you can enjoy sports games as if you were actually exercising by shaking the Wii remote controller as if it were a baseball bat or a tennis racket. At that time, the intuitive ease of understanding and playability of “Wii Sports” was epoch-making, and it was accepted by people who were not familiar with video games until then, and became a big hit across generations.

This work is for “Wii Sports”, which was released at the same time as the Wii main unit in 2006 and contributed to its spread, and “Wii Sports Club”, which started distribution of the download version one year after the release of Wii U in October 2012. Will be released on this GW five years after the release of Nintendo Switch.

The first “Wii Sports” boasts the highest sales of 82.9 million units at Nintendo.

This time, the author, who was a “Wii Sports” player, will touch on the latest work in the series. I’m sorry to say that I’m sorry for my personal affairs, but the author, who has been told in a specific medical examination that he is “chubby but not a metabolic syndrome”, was officially certified as a regular army member of the metabolic syndrome by the reserve role last year due to the Korona-ka. Originally an indoor sect, he is a little under-exercised, and although he is a 53-year-old writer, I would like to talk about the charm of this work that I still enjoyed.

In addition, this time it was a trial play before the release, so it was only played in offline mode.

[Introduction video of Nintendo Switch Sports]

This time, play only “Play with nearby people” in offline mode

Perfect for gamers who want to move their body

Things to check before purchasing or playing “Nintendo Switch Sports”

Before starting to play this work, I would like to introduce the difference between the package version and the download version, the environment in which you can play, and so on.

This work is a title to play by separating the controller “Joy-Con” from the Nintendo Switch main unit. Therefore, please note that you cannot play with Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a combination of Joy-Con and Switch.

Playable with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)

Also, since it will be a game that you play by moving your body, be sure to check the safety of the surroundings and attach the Joy-Con strap to play so that there is no danger. Users who rarely play with Joy-Con removed should find the Joy-Con strap that has been stowed away. If you don’t know how to put on or take off the strap, we recommend watching the official Nintendo video.

Be sure to attach the strap!

Secure enough space before playing

[[Nintendo Switch support]Joy-Con strap removal (2017.3.8 addition)]

In some modes, a “leg band” that wraps Joy-Con around the thighs is used. The package version comes with a leg band, but in the case of the download version, those who do not have a leg band need to purchase it separately.

[Genuine Nintendo]Leg band Price: 1,100 yen (tax included)

Of course you can also play with the leg band that comes with “Ring Fit Adventure”

Also, you can play with one person in “table mode” where the Nintendo Switch is set up on a stand, but you can’t play with two or more people. Sometimes you play away from the main unit, so it’s easier to play in “TV mode” where you play by connecting to a TV or monitor.

Move your body happily in 6 different competitions!

Now, let’s introduce the 6 types of competitions that are available at the time of release.


Volleyball that appeared from this work. In the actual competition, a 6-person system is basic, but in this work, 2vs2 and a bold arrangement close to beach volleyball are given.

By swinging Joy-Con from the bottom to the top, you can serve and toss the ball, and swing it down from the top to hit the opponent’s base with a strong spike.

If you know the simple rule of volleyball that you hit each other’s territory, return the ball that came to your camp to the opponent’s side within 3 times, and lose when you reach the floor, the order of hitting etc. will automatically change. So you can enjoy it right away.

It can be played by 1 to 4 people, and you can also form a combination or play against each other. You can float the ball in the air so that it does not touch the floor, spike it, jump on the contrary and do a “block” to prevent the opponent’s ball, and you can enjoy the exciting fun of hitting a big volleyball with your hands.


Badminton, a sport with a very fast initial velocity, is now available. In the actual competition, there are doubles, but in this work, only singles are played by one or two people.

By shaking Joy-Con, you move the racket that Mii and sportsmates get, and hit a ball with wings called “shuttle”. If the shuttle falls to the floor, it’s a simple rule to lose, so there is no big arrangement. The characteristic of badminton is that the initial speed and the final speed change greatly due to the effect of the shuttle blades, and a meeting called a rally is held at different timings. As long as the timing is right, you won’t get out of the line, so you can easily float it up or hit it at high speed. You can enjoy the unique movement of badminton by changing the speed and orbit of the shuttle.


Bowling is especially popular with gamers due to the large number of elements in “Wii Sports,” and is the follow-up to the last three games. Swing Joy-Con toward the 10 bowling pins lined up in the back of a vertically long area called a lane, and roll the ball to defeat it. The score changes depending on how you fall, and if you defeat them all at once, you will get a “strike”. The rules are similar to actual bowling.

It is possible to play with 1 to 4 people, and it is also alive that you can choose between the standard lane and the special lane where various obstacles are installed. The level of the special lane goes up to “Beginner”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced”. “Advanced” is quite difficult and tickles the gamer’s enthusiastic spirit. In addition to the timing of throwing, there are elements to control the trajectory of the ball by twisting the wrist when releasing the ball or turning it upward to use the snap. You can enjoy the exhilaration of bowling by actually shaking your arm and knocking down a big pin with a ball.


Soccer, which is popular all over the world, is finally here in the 4th movie. As it is a major competition, there are 4 modes, “1vs1”, “4vs4”, “free practice”, and “shoot confrontation”, which can be enjoyed by 1 to 4 people. Soccer moves with a lever and dashes and jumps with a button, so it is a little different from other competitions, but when kicking the ball, Joy-Con is shaken. Also, in the “shoot confrontation”, you can use the “leg band” to kick the ball by actually swinging your legs up. Compared to other competitions, there are a few game-like operations, but you can rest assured that “how to play” is also prepared separately.

“Shoot confrontation” is a game format in which the passed balls are alternately kicked to the goal, while the other three run around the field and put the ball in the goal. The field is surrounded by walls, so there is no lineout and no throw-in. There is no keeper, so I run around for offense and defense. Since the detailed rules peculiar to soccer such as offside are omitted, chase the ball anyway while dashing and jumping. The exhilarating feeling of soccer, where you kick the ball with all one’s might, is fun.


A sword fight that appears after “Wii Sports Resort”. Thinking of Joy-Con as a sword, you can attack by swinging it down, and you can take a defensive posture by changing the angle while pressing the button. It can be played by 1 or 2 people, and it is a two-pronged system. In this work, there are three types of swords: “Katana”, which boasts the strongest blow, “Charge Katana”, which can aim for a one-shot reversal with a charge sword that stores energy, and “Twin Katana”, which has a dynamic dual wield rotation. The fun of different types of martial arts was added. There is also an element of reading because the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal defenses are added to the slashing at the timing. You can enjoy the fun of swinging around with a sword and slashing each other, as well as the defensive gameplay.


Tennis, which has become a staple of sports games, will appear in this game following “Wii Sports” and “Wii Sports Club”. Like badminton, it is like a racket holding Joy-Con, and it is operated by hitting a tennis ball by shaking it at the right time.

The balls are hit into each other’s positions surrounded by the lines of the stadium called the court, and returned directly (volley) or in one bounce. If you make 2 bounces or more, or if the returned ball crosses the line directly, your opponent will score. It can be played by 1 to 4 people, but it is only doubles performed in 2vs2, so choose 1 to 3 sets first-come-first-served basis. When playing alone, the partner is his own clone and operates both. However, switching between the two is not difficult because it automatically switches at the timing of shaking the racket. Depending on how you swing the controller and the timing, you can hit back with a volley, add strength to the ball, and have fun with badminton.

Feel free to play sports while staying at home! The charm of Nintendo Switch Sports

After playing offline for about 3 weeks, I felt that the biggest attraction of “Nintendo Switch Sports” is the ease with which you can move your body and play when you have a little time. I’m sure many readers are sitting down playing games for a long time or working on a computer, but if you reach for the Nintendo Switch, you can immediately move your body and take a break. Even if you know that you have to exercise for your health, you can’t do it because it’s annoying, but with “Nintendo Switch Sports” you can move your body naturally while having fun. Regardless of the weather, you can experience the same comfortable feeling of fatigue as exercising while staying indoors.

Also, by narrowing down the elements of each actual competition and eliminating difficult rules, pure fun is extracted, and the point that it is simply a fun game to play is the latest work of “Wii Sports”. I felt it. It’s a simple operation, but it also has some immersive elements, and if you compete in the online professional mode, you’ll be able to enjoy it even more hotly.

Competing in online games has a high hurdle to learn difficult operations and various techniques, but there are few elements to remember in this work, the ranks are finely divided, and it seems that you can literally play across generations. In addition, it will be possible to play soccer in soccer using the “leg band” in the summer, and the seventh event “Golf” will be additionally distributed for free in the fall.

“Nintendo Switch Sports” is, of course, a title that can be recommended for all generations, which can be a motivation for buying the main unit for Nintendo Switch users and gamers.

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