“FASHION DANCE NIGHT 2022” Ayame Goriki shows off a collaboration dance with a professional dancer! Luxury brands and dancers are lined up this year as well. A special one-night dance show will be held. | Press release of Vintom Co., Ltd.

The event “FASHION DANCE NIGHT”, which expresses the world view of each brand with dance, was held at Toyosu PIT on Saturday, April 30th, with the theme of fashion and dance.

This event, which is celebrating its 6th time this year, expresses the world view of each brand with a dance showcase, and it is also attractive that popular talents and models collaborate with professional dancers to perform dance performances. one. This year, Japan’s leading actress “Ayame Goriki” made a guest appearance and performed a collaboration performance with “AMAMONA” who is a choreographer and back dancer of various artists such as Yurina Hirate and AI.

From the opening, the choreographer who created each work performed a solo performance in order, and the venue was lively, and all 12 dance showcases were shown in order. All of the works were made by wearing the costumes of the brands that are recommended this season, and you can feel the world view of each.

Ayame Goriki appears on the last X-girl stage. She performed solo as soon as she appeared, and danced with AMAMONA as it was. After that, a total of 20 people danced at the end, and the venue was excited by a street-style HIPHOP dance that was different from the usual image.

Due to the infection control of the new coronavirus, the number of people was usually limited to half of the capacity, but more than 1000 people gathered at the venue, and instead of being able to cheer loudly, one by one. Applause was bubbling every time the show was over.

All the performers were asked to provide costumes from each brand according to the day, and they wore the costumes and performed on the stage. Even after the event was over, I saw many photos taken at the photo booth prepared at the venue and uploaded to SNS.

Next time, “FASHION DANCE NIGHT 2023” will be held at Toyosu PIT on April 16th (Sun) next year. What kind of dancer and brand collaboration will be seen next? Please look forward to it.

■ Event

[Date and time]Saturday, April 30, 2022
[Place]Toyosu PIT
[Special Guest]Ayame Goriki
[Collaboration Dancer]ReiNa / AMAMONA / KANU / Rena × Asuka / Takara & Yasutaka / KING OF SWAG /
Surely fallin’/ Mitsuki / NANA / marina / Sakurako / HOnOKA
[Organizer]Vintom Co., Ltd.

■ Vintom
Japan’s largest dance event production.
Various events are held to spread the street dance culture.

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Vintom Co., Ltd.

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