Held “Sports for Social Summit 2022 Summer”, an event for sports and social contribution activities | Press release from HAMONZ Co., Ltd.

Social contribution activities in your favorite sport!
“Sports for Social Summit” is a festival of sports and social contribution activities with the theme of “expanding the circle of feelings”.
Gorgeous speakers such as active athletes working on social contribution activities through sports and professional sports managers gather.

All 12 sessions for 3 days.
A time to find something important to you, a place to look for what you want to support.

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All 12 sessions! Active J-Leaguers and Olympic athletes are on stage one after another!
What can sports do for society?

All 12 sessions. Active athletes and professional sports team managers working on social contribution activities talk about their passionate thoughts on various social issues.

* Partial introduction of the session

Session 01
6/7 tue[17: 00-17: 50]How should professional sports teams promote social contribution activities?

▼ Speaker
Nobuo Motozawa (President and CEO of DeNA Kawasaki Brave Thunders Co., Ltd.)
Toru Enoki (Representative Director of Oita Football Club Co., Ltd.)
Takashi Yamaya (President and CEO of Shizuoka Blue Revs Co., Ltd.)

Session 04
6/7 tue[20: 00-20: 50]Think about the future of long-term care! ~ Relationship between sports and long-term care ~

▼ Moderator
Ren Yamazaki (Representative Director of HAMONZ Co., Ltd.)
▼ Speaker
Hyakurina Kamijo (certified care worker / model)
Yuji Senuma (Active J Leaguer: Tochigi SC Affiliation / Director of Senu Co., Ltd.)
Mayumi Ono (former Japan Women’s Hockey National Team / current SOMPO Care, Inc. Public Relations Department)

Session 07
6/8 wed[19:00-19:50]Why do athletes contribute to society?

▼ Speaker
Mizuki Fujii (former badminton player / London Olympics silver medal)
Tomoko Hagiwara (former swimmer / participated in the Sydney Olympics)
Another person will be on stage

Session 09
6/9 thu[17: 00-17: 50]How should companies promote gender equality?

▼ Moderator
Honan Uchiyama (Co-representative of Rebolt inc.)
▼ Speaker
Shiho Shimoyamada (Soccer player / Rebolt inc. Co-representative)
Eiko Ohtani (Director, Diversity & Inclusion Promotion Section, Sustainability Promotion Office, Nomura Holdings, Inc.)
Ryosuke Otawa (President and CEO of Yamato Sylphid Co., Ltd.)

Session 12
6/9 thu[20: 00-20: 50]Behind the award of “Sharen! Awards 2022”!

▼ Moderator
Jun Suzuki (Director, Social Cooperation Department, Japan Professional Football League)
▼ Speaker
Sharen! Awards 2022 Winning Club ①
Sharen! Awards 2022 Winning Club ②
Sharen! Awards 2022 Winning Club ③

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Event summary
■ Event name: Sports for Social Summit 2021
■ Schedule: June 7th (Tuesday), June 8th (Wednesday), June 9th (Thursday)
■ Holding method: Online holding
■ Organizer: Sports for Social (HAMONZ Co., Ltd.)
■ Capacity: 500 people (first-come-first-served basis)

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▼ Gold Sponsor
Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.

▼ Silver sponsor
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.
Discharge Precision Machining Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Yamamoto Corporation

▼ Bronze sponsor
Saraya Co., Ltd.

▼ Support sponsorship
Zeronize Co., Ltd.

Media operated by HAMONZ Co., Ltd. that “supports social contribution activities through sports”. We aim to deliver social contribution activities to many people by utilizing the transmission power of sports and athletes.

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Person in charge: Takashi Sakai
Phone number: 080-3388-1868
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