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Of a major travel agencyH.I.S. (HIS)April 26th (RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT), nine services that support travel that anyone can go with peace of mind from departure to return, for travelers who are still worried about traveling abroad in Korona-ka. It started to be provided from Tue).

“RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT” is a total that supports with corona, such as PCR test support necessary for overseas travel in Korona-ka and necessary procedures, documents, conditions, etc. for fluid travel information of each country. Nine services. The specific contents are as follows.

“RE: TRAVEL SUPPORT” 9 services

① NEW TRAVEL PCR test service
Advance reservations for PCR tests required at departure and return
Providing PCR tests that are effective for overseas travel at a reasonable price

② Preview trip at home
Preview online travel destinations around the world at home
Preliminary travel preparation by conducting free information sessions and paid online experience tours

③ Health management of local staff
Local staff who thoroughly manage corona measures and physical condition welcome you to protect the safety and security of customers

④ World Staff Report
Check the latest local information delivered by local staff

⑤ Travel Mae Anshin Concierge
Complete coverage of world travel information that changes due to corona measures in each country
Guidance on all procedures, documents, conditions, etc. required for travel

⑥ If support
Even if a corona infection is confirmed while traveling, the local staff will fully support you from the procedure for changing the hotel and return flight to the purchase of daily necessities.

⑦ Select window / Select expert
Select the corresponding contact point from face-to-face, telephone, or online according to the customer’s wishes.
General consultation desk where experts can also be nominated

⑧ HIS World Safety Net
HIS supports customers’ safe and comfortable travel from bases in 113 cities in 60 countries (as of April 2022).
You can consult in Japanese 24 hours a day, so you can rest assured that you will have trouble.

➈ HIS Travel Researcher
From HIS employees, first of all, fulfill the responsibility of traveling
Check your travel destination from a professional perspective

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