In “Nintendo Switch Sports”, a user who destroyed the TV during distribution appears. History repeats –AUTOMATON

It seems that a user who let go of Joy-Con while playing “Nintendo Switch Sports” and destroyed the TV appeared immediately. By destroying the TV during distribution, the situation is captured in the video. VGC and others are reporting.

It was streamer 63man who crashed the TV. Twitch followers are 7387 newcomers who have recently begun to work. Joy-Con hit the TV while he was playing tennis for “Nintendo Switch Sports” at his home. Even during the match, I was stunned by putting my mouth on my hand. He just points the camera at the TV and shows the destruction. The tennis match ended with a loss because 63man stopped playing.

Mr. 63man was holding Joy-Con in both hands (although tennis can be played with one Joy-Con) and swinging with his right hand. When I made a backhand swing, Joy-Con slipped out of my hand and hit the TV directly. As for the TV, the upper left part is black and you can clearly see that it is broken. A spider web-like crack runs in the lower left, and is this the landing point?

So, isn’t Nintendo Switch Sports prone to such accidents? The main reason for this is that he didn’t wear the Joy-Con strap that came with the Nintendo Switch. Because, in “Nintendo Switch Sports”, it is cautioned to wear a persistent strap anyway. Not only on the startup screen, but also on the loading screen during the game, you are told to put on the strap again and again. In addition, it is strongly recommended in promotions and games, such as keeping a distance from the TV and playing with parents for children. Ignoring such caution, 63man destroyed the TV with Joy-Con, which was fired without a strap.

Nintendo has faced the challenge of destroying television for many years. The confrontation began in earnest in 2006 when “Wii Sports” was released. “Wii Sports”, which was released at the same time as Wii, became a big hit all over the world, and reports of TV destruction by the Wii remote controller were raised all over the world. Like “Nintendo Switch Sports,” it was a system that moved the controller a lot. From the time of its release, Nintendo has recommended that you attach a strap to the Wii remote controller and play the same work. However, users who did not wear the strap and users who said that the strap was torn off reported the destruction of the TV one after another.

Nintendo announced that it will replace the strap with a thicker one for free. A dedicated page and window were prepared, and it was a large-scale recall. Even in the promotion, the production of shaking the Wii remote controller was cut off, and the turmoil had a wide range of influences. After that, Nintendo decided to provide all users with a rubber Wii remote control jacket to be attached to the Wii remote control, and the product will also include a thick strap and jacket. So to speak, Nintendo has been struggling with the “missing controller”.

Therefore, “Nintendo Switch Sports” is thoroughly alerted. The Nintendo side has taken sufficient measures, so the rest will depend on how individuals play. After all, it seems that there will be a certain number of “users who play without straps and destroy TVs” like this. By the way, 63man posted the destructive video on his own Twitter after publishing the destructive video. Ironically, the destruction of television has also raised his profile as a result. The price is that TV is expensive, so I don’t think it’s going to be rampant, but I hope Joy-Con’s destruction of TV won’t be a toy for influencers who want to get attention.

“Nintendo Switch Sports” is on sale for Nintendo Switch. When playing, be sure to wear Joy-Con and a strap on your wrist.

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