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Today, tackling environmental problems is one of the challenges for companies. In the fashion industry, how to reduce the production cost of clothes and how to reduce CO2 emissions at the time of disposal has been regarded as a problem. As an effective means to solve this problem, there is the circulation of resources by recycling.

“BIOLOGIC LOOP” should be noted as a resource recycling platform. It is a vigorous service that has started not only natural fibers but also polyester circulation.

This time, we interviewed Mr. Naoki Yatsushiro, CEO of BP Lab Co., Ltd., which operates this BIOLOGIC LOOP, about the philosophy of the recycling industry and its efforts.

① Create a system for a sound material-cycle society

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BIOLOGIC LOOP develops a recycling service and a collection and recycling service.

In the circulation type service, we are working from product design to recycle and circulate textile products without throwing them away. By tagging recyclable and recyclable products for BIOLOGIC LOOP circulation contracts, buyers will be able to know traceability and collection methods. This will provide a mechanism for participating in resource regeneration and circulation services.

On the other hand, in the collection and recycling service, textile products in general are collected by the collection and recycling platform of BIOLOGIC LOOP. The collected textile products will be separated and reused by BP Lab Co., Ltd. through material recycling.

(2) Started recycling not only natural fibers but also polyester

The company has been developing its business from the circulation of natural materials. One of the reasons seems to be that the culture of regenerating and using natural fibers has taken root in Japan since ancient times, and the recycling technology has also developed.

During the operation, I noticed that there was a lot of distribution of synthetic fiber clothes, and there were many requests for circulation, so I searched for a company with domestic recycling technology.

As a result, it has become possible to newly recycle polyester by forming a business alliance with Ecolog Recycling Japan Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in recycling and recycling centered on corporate uniforms from the beginning.

③ About future efforts

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“In the circular economy that supports the entire society, it is essential for various companies to collaborate and build a new supply chain,” says Yashiro.

Currently, the company provides raw materials as a service, but has not yet started commercialization.

Currently, it plans to commercialize various products, and is preparing to sell towels made of recovered recycled fiber this summer.

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