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April 29, family party game “Wii SportsIt can be said that it is the successor to “”Nintendo Switch Sports]Has been released. This work supports online play, and it is possible to play against people all over the world, but from some users of the US bulletin board Reddit, “Nintendo needs to improve username filtersIt seems that it has been pointed out.

In 2021, a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report revealed that Nintendo has introduced “NG wordfilter” into some software and services as part of “making customers smile.” In fact, in 3DS, it is revealed in the manual that the “NG word list” will be updated regularly by updating the main unit, and even with Nintendo Switch, in version 10.2.0, “User name” such as “KKK” and “COVID” A banned word has been added in “,” was reported by overseas media Polygon.

This filter has also been confirmed in “Animal Crossing: New Clothes”, but some malicious “Nintendo Switch Sports” users seem to be able to sneak through that limitation. For example, one user puts the word “Porn” between “I” and names it “IPORNI”, while another user adds “o” to the word “Fuck” to “” By making it “Fucko”, the filter is broken through.

In addition, this work has an element called “katagaki” that can be displayed above the name by combining pre-text, but overseas media Kotaku reports the existence of users who abuse this system. Users who have a Michael Jackson-style character with the title “Fan of Child” and users with the title “Fan of Mom” ​​named “my Milkers” are introduced. ..

In addition, Kotaku also mentions “Hitler” as an NG word, but when Game * Spark confirmed, the alphabet notation did not pass, but if it was “Hitler” and katakana notation, it would be a user name. I was able to confirm that I could register. In addition, “poop” and “poop” are also treated as NG words.

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