Sky Entertainment Network appointed Enako as a promotional ambassador for “Kamikai Kiden-The Illusionary Tan of Eight Million Gods”! Held “Promotional Ambassador Public x GW” campaign to win autographed cheki etc. on official Twitter | gamebiz

Sky Entertainment Network announced that it has appointed Enako, a cosplayer, as a promotional ambassador for “Kamikai Kiden-The Illusionary Tan of Eight Million Gods” (“Kamikai Kiden”). In addition, along with the appointment of the promotion ambassador, a Web CM featuring Enako has been released on May 2nd (Monday).

In addition, on the official Twitter of “Kamikai Kiden”, Enako is holding a limited campaign together with the appointment of the advertising ambassador and the celebration of Golden Week. During the pre-registration acceptance period, the latest information and campaign information about the game will be released on the official Twitter of “Kamikai Kiden” at any time.

Currently, this work is accepting pre-registration, and the number of pre-registered people has exceeded the quota of 200,000. If you are interested, follow the official Twitter account “@kamiyao_JP” to check the latest campaign information.

Enako is appointed as a promotional ambassador for “Kamikai Kiden”!

The key visual that was lifted this time is Enako, who has entered the mythical world, cosplays the image characters of the two “Kamikai Kiden”: the cute and energetic “Ogami Mitsumei” and the dignified “Amaterasu Omikami”! Enako, a cosplayer, has a perfect feeling no matter what character she plays.

Especially in the game, the unique “Kamiyado” system allows anyone to choose, transform, and fight their own god, making the game’s features unique to Japan’s number one cosplayer, Enako. We decided to use this time to appeal.

The “Kamijuku” system is a system that instantly raises the fighting power of enemies by embracing the power of the gods who have left their names in Japanese mythology, such as Susanoo, Amaterasu Omikami, Okami Mikoto, and Yomitsu Okami. It is a system that can be wiped out. In addition, it is fully equipped with a training system that allows you to grow the abilities of the gods, and you can fully project your favorite gods and deepen your ties with them. Experience the unique “Kamiyado” function after the game is released.

In addition, each Web CM featuring Enako will be released on May 2nd (Monday), and interviews with Enako at the time of shooting the CM are being updated one after another on official Twitter (@kamiyao_JP). Let’s check it out.

“Promotional Ambassador Public x GW” commemorative campaign started!

Enako declared her appointment as Kamiyao’s promotional ambassador during this Golden Week, which Japanese people expect most. On official Twitter, a “Promotional Ambassador Public x GW” commemorative campaign will be held in conjunction with the “Gift for a total of 1 million yen”.

There are lots of gorgeous prizes such as the autographed cheki of the special prize Enako and the surprise prize Amazon gift certificate worth 5,000 yen, so follow the official Twitter and participate in the campaign.

·way to participate:
1. Follow @kamiyao_JP
2. Retweet the target post

Deadline: Until 5/20 (Friday)

* Winners will be contacted later from the official account. It may take some time to contact you about winning.

■ We are accepting pre-registration for “Kamikai Kiden”!

Pre-registration for the new smartphone MMORPG “Kamikai Kiden ~ Yamillion God’s Illusion Tan ~” scheduled to be released this spring will officially start on April 20, 2022 (Wednesday). At this point, the number of pre-registered users has already exceeded the quota of 200,000. If you are interested, pre-register.

Pre-registration is being accepted on the special site, App Store, Google Play, Twitter, and LINE. Depending on the number of registrants, the number of gifts for users, such as items and appearances that can be used in the game, will increase. And, the more pre-registered people, the more luxurious the prizes will be. Twitter limited follow & RT is also being held. Pre-register and increase your prizes and prizes!

■ “Kamikai Kiden-Fantasy Tan of Eight Million Gods-“

Pre-registration site

Official Twitter

App Store

Google Play

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