LDH signs partnership with Thailand’s HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT EXILE HIRO and F.HERO talk about their vision for expanding into Asia –Real Sound | Real Sound

LDH JAPAN and Thailand’s HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT have signed a partnership agreement.

At the press conference held at the time of the announcement, EXILE HIRO on behalf of LDH and F. HERO, the founder of HIGH CLOUD ENTERTAINMENT and a popular rapper who has been leading the Thai music industry for several years, appeared. The project began with the two people’s values ​​and philosophies about entertainment resonating with each other and trying to collaborate with each other to disseminate Asian entertainment to the world.

As a background, HIRO said, “I felt the potential for Southeast Asia in the promotion Asia tour of BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE, and I feel that the attention to Asia is increasing among the Western media. Especially, Thailand is at the center of it. Because of this, LDH definitely wanted to work in Thailand. There were many overseas expansions that were canceled or postponed due to the Corona disaster, but I am excited to finally be able to resume overseas activities. I am. “

F.HERO said, “I am happy to be able to work with LDH, which boasts the highest level. I have been in Japan for a week, but thanks to HIRO, I enjoy learning about Japan every day. He is like a big brother, “he said about his relationship with HIRO. In addition, F. HERO, who saw the live performance of THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE, said, “I was very excited. I could feel the power of the artist, and the dance and singing were wonderful. I went to the dance school EXPG STUDIO. Is very energetic. I am proud to be here as a family today. “


On the other hand, HIRO commented on F. HERO’s impression, “I’ve been listening to it for a long time as an artist and producer in Thailand. It’s a real honor to be together this time. I’ve been together for the past few days. I felt that he was really kind and had a lot of love. I think that he is a person who is coming to Japan with his family and has a strong desire to cherish his friends, and he has an attitude of working on entertainment. I was able to reconfirm it. I think we can create entertainment in the best possible way. “

As the first project to conclude a partnership, it was also announced that BALLISTIK BOYZ and PSYCHIC FEVER will move their base of activities to Thailand for 6 months from August 2022 under the name of Musha Shugyo. It is said that the reality show “New School Breakn'” will show how they make and live. The title “New School Breakn'” devised by F.HERO is “New = new era, new place” “School = learn and challenge” “Breakin’ = break various borders and liven up Asia together. It seems that the meaning is included.

HIRO told the members who participated in this samurai training, “Because both groups are formed globally, I would like them to show their strength to relieve the indignation that they couldn’t do as they expected. I’m looking forward to seeing how people will accept it. I hope that LDH entertainment will spread throughout Southeast Asia, centering on Bangkok. “

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